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(1) It is the purpose of this chapter to:
(a) Incorporate into a single, comprehensive, school district organization law all essential provisions governing:
(i) The formation and establishment of new school districts;
(ii) The alteration of the boundaries of existing districts; and
(iii) The adjustment of the assets and liabilities of school districts when changes are made under this chapter; and
(b) Establish methods and procedures whereby changes in the school district system may be brought about by the people concerned and affected.
(2) It is the state's policy that decisions on proposed changes in school district organization should be made, whenever possible, by negotiated agreement between the affected school districts. If the districts cannot agree, the decision shall be made by the regional committees on school district organization, based on the committees' best judgment, taking into consideration the following factors and factors under RCW 28A.315.205:
(a) A balance of local petition requests and the needs of the statewide community at large in a manner that advances the best interest of public education in the affected school districts and communities, the educational service district, and the state;
(b) Responsibly serving all of the affected citizens and students by contributing to logical service boundaries and recognizing a changing economic pattern within the educational service districts of the state;
(c) Enhancing the educational opportunities of pupils in the territory by reducing existing disparities among the affected school districts' ability to provide operating and capital funds through an equitable adjustment of the assets and liabilities of the affected districts;
(d) Promoting a wiser use of public funds through improvement in the school district system of the educational service districts and the state; and
(e) Other criteria or considerations as may be established in rule by the superintendent of public instruction.
(3) It is neither the intent nor purpose of this chapter to apply to organizational changes and the procedure therefor relating to capital fund aid by nonhigh school districts as provided for in chapter 28A.540 RCW.


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