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Chapter 28A.300 RCW



HTMLPDF 28A.300.010ElectionTerm of office.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.020Assistant superintendents, deputy superintendent, assistantsTerms for exempt personnel.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.030Assistance of educational service district boards and superintendentsScope.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.035Assistance of certificated or classified employeeReimbursement for substitute.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.039Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.040Powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.0401School district fiscal notes.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.041Statewide student assessment systemRedesignReports to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.042Collection and submittal of student-level dataStudent data-related reportsDisaggregation of data by subgroupsModification of statewide student data systems.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.045Pupil tests and recordsRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.046"Student absence from school"RulesCollection of attendance and discipline data.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.050Assistance to professional educator standards board for activities involving professional educator excellence.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.060Studies and adoption of classifications for school district budgetsPublication.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.065Classification and numbering system of school districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.070Receipt of federal funds for school purposesSuperintendent of public instruction to administer.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.072Transition to kindergarten program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.080Vocational agriculture educationIntent.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.090Vocational agriculture educationService area establishedDuties.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.100Vocational agriculture educationSuperintendent to adopt rules.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.105Office of Native educationDutiesReport.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.106Native education public-private partnership account.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.108Tribal consultation training and schedule.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.112Ethnic studies materials and resources.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.115Holocaust instructionPreparation and availability of instructional materials.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.116Holocaust instructionTeacher training.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.118College credit program informationNotification to schools and parents.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.119Online learning programs for college creditInformation.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.120Administrative hearingContract to conduct authorizedFinal decision.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.130Center for the improvement of student learning.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.131Parental involvementMeasures to evaluate levelModels and practicesRecognition.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.135Center for the improvement of student learning account.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.136Educational opportunity gap oversight and accountability committeePolicy and strategy recommendations.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.1361Closing the achievement gapEnhancing data collection and data system capacitySecuring federal funds.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.137Strategies to address the achievement gapImprovement of education performance measuresAnnual report.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.139Washington integrated student supports protocol.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.145Educational materials regarding sex offenses, sex offenders, and victims of sexual assault.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.147Students required to register as sex or kidnapping offendersSample policyEducational materials.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.150Information on and curricula for the prevention of sexual abuse of students, child abuse, and neglectRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.155Child sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention and identification public-private partnership account.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.160Coordinated program for the prevention of sexual abuse of students, child abuse, and neglect.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.164Energy information program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.165National guard high school career training and national guard youth challenge programRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.170State general fundEstimates for state support to public schools, from.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.172Prototypical funding allocation modelDetermination of educational system's capacity to accommodate increased resourcesIdentification of limitationsReports.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.173Prototypical funding modelDistrict allocation of state resourcesPublic access on internet-based portal.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.175Recovery of payments to recipients of state moneyBasisResolution of audit findingsRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.185Family preservation education program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.190Coordination of video telecommunications programming in schools.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.195Work-integrated learning matching grant program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.196Work-integrated learning advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.220Cooperation with workforce training and education coordinating board.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.230FindingsIntegration of vocational and academic education.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.235Development of model curriculum integrating vocational and academic education.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.236Career and technical education coursesMethodologies for implementing equivalency creditingReport to the office of the superintendent of public instruction, the governor, the state board of education, and the legislature.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.238Career and technical education equipmentCompetitive grant processRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.240International student exchange.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.250Participation in federal nutrition programsSuperintendent's duties.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.255Meal charge policies.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.270Violence prevention training.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.273Annual school safety summits.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.275Alternative school start-up grantsSchool safety grantsReport to legislative committees.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.280Conflict resolution program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.2851School bullying and harassmentWork group.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.286Discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullyingPolicies and complaint proceduresPosting of model student handbook language.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.288Youth suicide prevention activities.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.290Effective reading programsIdentification.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.295Identified programsGrants for in-service training and instructional materials.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.300Effective reading programsInformationDevelopment and implementation of strategies.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.310Second grade reading assessmentSelection of reading passagesCosts.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.320Second grade reading assessmentPilot projectsAssessment selectionAssessment results.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.330Primary grade reading grant program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.340Primary grade reading grant programTimelinesRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.360Grants for programs and servicesTruant, at-risk, and expelled students.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.370World War II oral history project.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.375Washington history day program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.380Career and technical student organizationsSupport services.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.390Kip Tokuda memorial Washington civil liberties public education programFindings.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.395Kip Tokuda memorial Washington civil liberties public education programIntent.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.400Kip Tokuda memorial Washington civil liberties public education programDefinition.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.405Kip Tokuda memorial Washington civil liberties public education programCreatedPurpose.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.410Kip Tokuda memorial Washington civil liberties public education programGrantsAcceptance of gifts, grants, or endowments.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.415Kip Tokuda memorial Washington civil liberties public education programShort title.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.420Student court programs.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.430Collaboration with children's system of care demonstration sites.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.440Natural science, wildlife, and environmental education grant program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.444Integration of environmental and sustainability content.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.450Financial education public-private partnershipEstablished.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.460Financial education public-private partnership responsibilitiesAnnual report.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.462Financial education public-private partnershipJumpstart coalition national standardsFinancial education learning standardsTechnical assistance and grants for demonstration projectsReport.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.464Financial education public-private partnershipContents of report.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.465Financial education public-private partnership account.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.466Financial education public-private partnershipGrant program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.467Financial education public-private partnershipModel goals.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.468Financial education standardsAvailability of materials.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.469State financial education learning standards.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.471Medical emergency response and automated external defibrillator program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.473Medical use of cannabis-infused productsSuspension of policies that authorize student use on school grounds.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.475Comprehensive sexual health education.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.476Physical, social, and emotional support staffReport.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.477Social-emotional learning committee.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.478Social-emotional learning standards and benchmarks.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.479Social-emotional learning resources.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.480Civic education travel grant program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.485Enhanced civics education demonstration sites.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.490Task force on gangs in schoolsReports.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.500Longitudinal student data system.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.505School data systemsStandardsReporting format.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.507K-12 data governance groupDutiesReports.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.510After-school mathematics support programReports.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.520Policies to support children of incarcerated parents.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.525Students in department of children, youth, and families out-of-home careReport on educational experiences.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.530Individuals with dyslexiaIdentification and instructionHandbookReports.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.535Transgender student policy and procedureHealthy youth survey.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.537Adverse childhood experiencesHealthy youth survey.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.540Homeless studentsUniform process to track expenditures for transportingRulesInformation to be posted on websiteReportsVideo on identifying homeless studentsBest practices.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.542Students experiencing homelessnessGrant process to identify students and district capacity for supportAward criteriaDistricts' responsibilitiesReport.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.544Students in foster care, experiencing homelessness, or in or exiting juvenile rehabilitation facilitiesWork groupReport.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.545Condensed compliance report formAudit of districts submitting condensed compliance report forms.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.550Innovation schoolsIdentificationWebsitePublicity.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.555FindingGrants to improve readiness to learn.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.560Data on college credit through dual credit coursesPosting on website.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.565Grants to implement emergency response systems.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.570Support of reading and early literacy.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.574Dual language learning cohortsRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.575Washington state seal of biliteracy.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.580Phone interpretation servicesPosting vendor information on website.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.585Computer science learning standards.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.587Computer science report.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.590Educational outcomesProgram of education for dependent youthResponsibilities of department of social and health services, superintendent of public instruction, and nongovernmental entityReports.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.592Educational outcomesOn-site individualized education services for dependent studentsPublic-private partnershipReports.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.606Teacher and administrator professional learningWorking with paraeducators.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.615Substitute teachersHiring and compensation reporting.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.620Mentor training program goalsProfessional development curricula.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.630School safety center.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.635School safety and student well-being advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.640School-based threat assessment programModel policy and procedure.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.645Monitoring and data collectionComprehensive safe school plans, student distress, and school-based threat assessment programs.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.650School resource officer trainingMaterialsGrant programReport.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.690Special educationAuthorized entities.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.700Dyslexia screening tools.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.720Dyslexia recommendations.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.730Dyslexia rules.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.750Basic education waivers for school districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.760Waiver applications annual report.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.770Highly capable studentsIdentification procedures.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.790Outdoor-based activitiesInstructional days.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.793Outdoor learning grant program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.795Outdoor learning grant programOutdoor education experiences program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.802Advisory groupsTravelCompensation.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.803Openly licensed coursewareIdentifying and developing libraryReportsOpen educational resources account.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.805K-3 class size reduction construction grant pilot programClassroom counting method and funding formulaPrioritizing grant applicationsRecommendationsAnnual reports.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.807Task forceReview of federal 2007 race and ethnicity reporting guidelinesDevelopment of state guidelines.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.810Innovative learning pilot program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.815Financial aid advising day.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.820Elementary and secondary school emergency relief III account.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.825Secondary traumatic stressResources.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.830Funding, services, and outcomes for children and youth who are neglected, delinquent, or at riskReport.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.840Media literacy and digital citizenshipGrant program.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.845Media literacy and digital citizenshipRegional conferences.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.850Institutional education programsTimeline and plan.
HTMLPDF 28A.300.900Registered preapprenticeship and youth apprenticeship recommendations.


Corporal punishment prohibitedAdoption of policy: RCW 28A.150.300.
Driving instructor's licensing, adoption by superintendent of rules: RCW 46.82.320.
Interagency agreement on prenatal substance exposure programs: RCW 71.24.610.
Mental health first aid training for teachers and educational staff: RCW 43.20A.765.
Model school district plan for recognition, initial screening, and response to emotional or behavioral distress in students: RCW 28A.320.1271.
Occupational forecastAgency consultation: RCW 50.38.030.
State investment board, appointment of member by superintendent: RCW 43.33A.020.