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Office of online learningDuties.

The superintendent of public instruction shall create an office of online learning. In the initial establishment of the office, the superintendent shall hire staff who have been employed by the digital learning commons to the extent such hiring is in accordance with state law and to the extent funds are available. The office shall:
(1) Develop and maintain a website that provides objective information for students, parents, and educators regarding online learning opportunities offered by online providers that have been approved in accordance with RCW 28A.250.020. The website shall include information regarding the online course provider's overall instructional program, specific information regarding the content of individual online courses and online school programs, a direct link to each online course provider's website, how to register for online learning programs and courses, teacher qualifications, student-to-teacher ratios, course completion rates, and other evaluative and comparative information. The website shall also provide information regarding the process and criteria for approving online providers. To the greatest extent possible, the superintendent shall use the framework of the course offering component of the website developed by the digital learning commons;
(2) Develop model agreements with approved online providers that address standard contract terms and conditions that may apply to contracts between a school district and the approved provider. The purpose of the agreements is to provide a template to assist individual school districts, at the discretion of the district, in contracting with online providers to offer the online provider's courses and programs to students in the district. The agreements may address billing, fees, responsibilities of online course providers and school districts, and other issues; and
(3) In collaboration with the educational service districts:
(a) Provide technical assistance and support to school district personnel through the educational technology centers in the development and implementation of online learning programs in their districts; and
(b) To the extent funds are available, provide online learning tools for students, teachers, administrators, and other educators.


FindingIntent2011 1st sp.s. c 34: See RCW 28A.232.005.
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