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Braille instructionAssessmentProvision in student's curriculum.

(1) Each student shall be assessed individually to determine the appropriate learning media for the student including but not limited to Braille.
(2) No student may be denied the opportunity for instruction in Braille reading and writing solely because the student has some remaining vision.
(3) This section does not require the exclusive use of Braille if there are other special education services to meet the student's educational needs. The provision of special education or other services does not preclude Braille use or instruction.
(4) If a student's individualized learning media assessment indicates that Braille is an appropriate learning medium, instruction in Braille shall be provided as a part of such student's educational curriculum and if such student has an individualized education program, such instruction shall be provided as part of that program.
(5) If Braille will not be provided to a student, the reason for not incorporating it in the student's individualized education program shall be documented in writing and provided to the parent or guardian. If no individualized education program exists, such documentation, signed by the parent or guardian, shall be placed in the student's file.


Findings1996 c 135: See note following RCW 28A.155.105.
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