Chapter 28A.150 RCW



HTMLPDF 28A.150.010Public schools.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.020Common schools.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.050School holidays.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.070General public school systemAdministration.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.080Superintendent of the school district.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.100Basic education certificated instructional staffDefinitionRatio to students.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.198FindingIntent2009 c 548.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.1981Intent2009 c 548.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.200Program of basic education.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.203Definitions.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.205Instructional hours.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.210Basic educationGoals of school districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.211Values and traits recognized.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.220Basic educationMinimum instructional requirementsProgram accessibilityRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.222School days per year waiver.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.230District school directors' responsibilities.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.240Certificated teaching and administrative staff as accountable for classroom teachingScopeResponsibilitiesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.250Annual basic education allocationFull fundingWithholding of funds for noncompliance.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.260Allocation of state funding to support instructional program of basic educationDistribution formulaPer-pupil allocations reporting by the superintendent of public instruction and in legislative budget documentsPrototypical schoolsEnhancements and adjustmentsReview and approvalEnrollment calculation.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.265Career and technical education funding allocations.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.270Annual basic education allocation of funds according to average FTE student enrollmentProcedure for crediting portion for school building purposes.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.275Annual basic education allocation for students in technical colleges.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.276Local revenuesEnrichment of program of basic education"Local revenues" defined.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.280Reimbursement for acquisition of approved transportation equipmentMethod.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.290State superintendent to make rules and regulationsUnforeseen conditions or actions to be recognizedPaperwork limited.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.295General public school systemMaintained.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.300Corporal punishment prohibitedAdoption of policy.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.305Alternative educational service providersStudent eligibility.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.310National guard youth challenge programAllocation of fundingRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.315All-day kindergarten programsFundingIdentification of skills, knowledge, and characteristicsAssessments.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.320Month of the kindergartner.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.350Part time studentsDefinedEnrollment authorizedReimbursement for costsFunding authority recognitionRules, regulations.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.360Adjustments to meet emergencies.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.380Appropriations by legislature.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.390Appropriations for special education programs.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.392Special education fundingSafety net awardsRulesAnnual survey and reportSafety net oversight committeeHigh-need students.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.400Apportionment factors to be based on current figuresRules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.410Basic education certificated instructional staffSalary allocation methodologyAdjustments for regional differencesReview and rebasing of regionalization factors.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.412Basic education compensation allocationsRebase and reviewRevision of minimum allocations and regionalization factorsRegionalization factorsDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.413FindingLocal levy authorityLocal effort assistanceValueRestriction.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.414Locally determined compensation plans for certificated instructional staffModel salary gridStakeholder technical working group.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.415Professional learning daysFunding.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.420Reimbursement for classes provided outside regular school year.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.500Educational agencies offering vocational education programsLocal advisory committeesAdvice on current job needs.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.510Transmittal of education recordsDisclosure of education recordsData-sharing agreements.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.515High school directory informationTransmittal to the office of the superintendent of public instruction.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.520High-performance public buildingsCompliance with requirements.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.530High-performance public buildingsImplementation rulesEnergy conservation report review.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.540Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.550Statewide indicators of educational system healthDisaggregationUse of indicatorsStatus reports.
HTMLPDF 28A.150.560Special educationAllocation and cost accounting methodologyAnnual accounting to legislature.