Chapter 26.50 RCW



26.50.020Commencement of actionJurisdictionVenue.
26.50.021Actions on behalf of vulnerable adultsAuthority of department of social and health servicesImmunity from liability.
26.50.025Orders under this chapter and chapter 26.09, 26.10, 26.26A, or 26.26B RCWEnforcementConsolidation.
26.50.030Petition for an order for protectionAvailability of forms and informational brochuresBond not required.
26.50.035Development of instructions, informational brochures, forms, and handbook by the administrative office of the courtsCommunity resource listDistribution of master copy.
26.50.040Fees not permittedFiling, service of process, certified copies.
26.50.055Appointment of interpreter.
26.50.060ReliefDurationRealignment of designation of partiesAward of costs, service fees, attorneys' fees, and limited license legal technician fees.
26.50.070Ex parte temporary order for protection.
26.50.080Issuance of orderAssistance of peace officerDesignation of appropriate law enforcement agency.
26.50.085Hearing reset after ex parte orderService by publicationCircumstances.
26.50.095Order following service by publication.
26.50.100OrderTransmittal to law enforcement agencyRecord in law enforcement information systemEnforceability.
26.50.110Violation of orderPenalties.
26.50.115Enforcement of ex parte orderKnowledge of order prerequisite to penaltiesReasonable efforts to serve copy of order.
26.50.120Violation of orderProsecuting attorney or attorney for municipality may be requested to assistCosts and attorney's fee.
26.50.123Service by mail.
26.50.125Service by publication or mailingCosts.
26.50.130Order for protectionModification or terminationServiceTransmittal.
26.50.135Residential placement or custody of a childPrerequisite.
26.50.140Peace officersImmunity.
26.50.150Domestic violence perpetrator programs.
26.50.160Judicial information systemDatabase.
26.50.165Judicial information systemNames of adult cohabitants in third-party custody actions.
26.50.200Title to real estateEffect.
26.50.210Proceedings additional.
26.50.220Parenting planDesignation of parent for other state and federal purposes.
26.50.230Protection order against person with a disability, brain injury, or impairment.
26.50.240Personal jurisdictionNonresident individuals.
26.50.250Disclosure of information.
26.50.900Short title.
26.50.901Effective date1984 c 263.


Abuse of children: Chapter 26.44 RCW.
Arrest without warrant: RCW 10.31.100(2).
Dissolution of marriage: Chapter 26.09 RCW.
Domestic violence, official response: Chapter 10.99 RCW.
Shelters for victims of domestic violence: Chapter 70.123 RCW.