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Investigation of child sexual abuseProtocolsDocumentation of agencies' roles.

*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 5461-S.SL) ***
(1) Each agency involved in investigating child sexual abuse shall document its role in handling cases and how it will coordinate with other local agencies or systems and shall adopt a local protocol based on the state guidelines. The department and local law enforcement agencies may include other agencies and systems that are involved with child sexual abuse victims in the multidisciplinary coordination.
(2) Each county shall develop a written protocol for handling criminal child sexual abuse investigations. The protocol shall address the coordination of child sexual abuse investigations between the prosecutor's office, law enforcement, children's protective services, children's advocacy centers, where available, local advocacy groups, community sexual assault programs, as defined in RCW 70.125.030, and any other local agency involved in the criminal investigation of child sexual abuse, including those investigations involving multiple victims and multiple offenders. The protocol shall be developed by the prosecuting attorney with the assistance of the agencies referenced in this subsection.
(3) Local protocols under this section shall be adopted and in place by July 1, 2000, and shall be submitted to the legislature prior to that date.
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