Chapter 26.44 RCW



26.44.010Declaration of purpose.
26.44.015Limitations of chapter.
26.44.030ReportsDuty and authority to makeDuty of receiving agencyDuty to notifyCase planning and consultationPenalty for unauthorized exchange of informationFiling dependency petitionsInvestigationsInterviews of childrenRecordsRisk assessment process.
26.44.031RecordsMaintenance and disclosureDestruction of screened-out, unfounded, or inconclusive reportsRulesProceedings for enforcement.
26.44.032Legal defense of public employee.
26.44.035Response to complaint by more than one agencyProcedureWritten records.
26.44.040ReportsOral, writtenContents.
26.44.050Abuse or neglect of childDuty of law enforcement agency or department of children, youth, and familiesTaking child into custody without court order, when.
26.44.053Guardian ad litem, appointmentExamination of person having legal custodyHearingProcedure.
26.44.056Protective detention or custody of abused childReasonable causeNoticeTime limitsMonitoring planLiability.
26.44.060Immunity from civil or criminal liabilityConfidential communications not violatedActions against state not affectedFalse report, penalty.
26.44.061False reportingStatement warning againstDetermination letter and referral.
26.44.063Temporary restraining order or preliminary injunctionEnforcementNotice of modification or termination of restraining order.
26.44.067Temporary restraining order or preliminary injunctionContentsNoticeNoncomplianceDefensePenalty.
26.44.075Inclusion of number of child abuse reports and cases in prosecuting attorney's annual report.
26.44.100Information about rightsLegislative purposeNotification of investigation, report, and findings.
26.44.105Information about rightsOral and written informationCopies of dependency petition and any court order.
26.44.110Information about rightsCustody without court orderWritten statement requiredContents.
26.44.115Child taken into custody under court orderInformation to parents.
26.44.120Information about rightsNotice to noncustodial parent.
26.44.125Alleged perpetratorsRight to review and amendment of findingHearing.
26.44.130Arrest without warrant.
26.44.140Treatment for abusive person removed from home.
26.44.150Temporary restraining order restricting visitation for persons accused of sexually or physically abusing a childPenalty for violating court order.
26.44.160Allegations that child under twelve committed sex offenseInvestigationReferral to prosecuting attorneyReferral to departmentReferral for treatment.
26.44.170Alleged child abuse or neglectUse of alcohol or controlled substances as contributing factorEvaluation.
26.44.175Multidisciplinary child protection teamsInformation sharingConfidentialityImmunity from liability.
26.44.180Multidisciplinary child protection teamsInvestigation of child sexual abuse, online sexual exploitation and commercial sexual exploitation of minors, child fatality, child physical abuse, and criminal child neglect casesProtocols.
26.44.185Investigation of child sexual abuseRevision and expansion of protocolsChild fatality, child physical abuse, and criminal child neglect cases.
26.44.186Child forensic interview recordings disclosed in a criminal or civil proceeding subject to protective orderCivil penalties and sanctions.
26.44.187Child forensic interviewsAudio/video recordings exempt from disclosure under public records actCourt order required for disclosure.
26.44.188FindingIntentRestrictions on dissemination of child forensic interview recordings.
26.44.190Investigation of child abuse or neglectParticipation by law enforcement officer.
26.44.195Negligent treatment or maltreatmentOffer of servicesEvidence of substance abuseIn-home servicesInitiation of dependency proceedings.
26.44.200Methamphetamine manufacturePresence of child.
26.44.210Alleged child abuse or neglect at the state school for the deafInvestigation by departmentInvestigation report.
26.44.220Abuse of adolescentsStaff training curriculum.
26.44.240Out-of-home careEmergency placementCriminal history record check.
26.44.250Arrest upon drug or alcohol-related driving offenseChild protective services notified if child is present and operator is a parent, guardian, or custodian.
26.44.260Family assessment response.
26.44.270Family assessmentRecommendation of services.
26.44.272Family assessmentAssessment for child safety and well-beingReferral to preschool, child care, or early learning programsCommunicating with and assisting families.
26.44.280Liability limited.
26.44.290Near fatalitiesReview of case filesInvestigation.
26.44.901ConstructionPrevention services.


Child abuse, investigation: RCW 74.13.031.
Child abuse and neglect training for participants in early childhood education programs: RCW 43.63A.066.
Coordinated prevention program for the prevention of sexual abuse of students, child abuse, and neglect: RCW 28A.300.160.
Council for children and families: Chapter 43.121 RCW.
Day careInformation to parents and providers: RCW 74.15.200.
Domestic violence prevention: Chapter 26.50 RCW.
Missing children clearinghouse and hotline: Chapter 13.60 RCW.
Persons over sixty, abuse: Chapter 74.34 RCW.
Record checks: RCW 43.43.830 through 43.43.840 and 43.20A.710.
School districts to develop policies and participate in programs: RCW 28A.230.080.
Witness of offense against child, duty: RCW 9.69.100.