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False reportingStatement warning againstDetermination letter and referral.

(1) The child protective services section shall prepare a statement warning against false reporting of alleged child abuse or neglect for inclusion in any instructions, informational brochures, educational forms, and handbooks developed or prepared for or by the department and relating to the reporting of abuse or neglect of children. Such statement shall include information on the criminal penalties that apply to false reports of alleged child abuse or neglect under RCW 26.44.060(4). It shall not be necessary to reprint existing materials if any other less expensive technique can be used. Materials shall be revised when reproduced.
(2) The child protective services section shall send a letter by certified mail to any person determined by the section to have made a false report of child abuse or neglect informing the person that such a determination has been made and that a second or subsequent false report will be referred to the proper law enforcement agency for investigation.
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