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Refusal of licenseAppeal.

Any county auditor is hereby authorized to refuse to issue a license to marry if, in his or her discretion, the applications executed by the parties or information coming to his or her knowledge as a result of the execution of said applications, justifies said refusal: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, The denied parties may appeal to the superior court of said county for an order to show cause, directed to said county auditor to appear before said court to show why said court should not grant an order to issue a license to said denied parties and, after due hearing, or if the auditor fails to appear, said court may in its discretion, issue an order to said auditor directing him or her to issue said license; any hearings held by a superior court under RCW 26.04.140 through 26.04.200 may, in the discretion of said court, be held in chambers.
[ 2011 c 336 s 686; 1939 c 204 s 7; RRS s 8450-6.]
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