Chapter 26.04 RCW



26.04.007DefinitionReligious organization.
26.04.010Marriage contractVoid marriagesConstruction of gender-specific termsRecognition of solemnization of marriage not required.
26.04.020Prohibited marriages.
26.04.050Who may solemnize.
26.04.060Marriage before unauthorized clericEffect.
26.04.070Form of solemnization.
26.04.080Marriage certificateContents.
26.04.090Certificate for files of county auditor and state registrar of vital statisticsForms.
26.04.100Filing and recordingCounty auditor.
26.04.105Preservation of copies of applications and licensesCounty auditor.
26.04.110Penalty for failure to deliver certificates.
26.04.120Marriage according to religious ritual.
26.04.130Voidable marriages.
26.04.140Marriage license.
26.04.150Application for licenseMay be secured by mailExecution and acknowledgment.
26.04.160Application for licenseContentsOath.
26.04.165Additional marriage certificate form.
26.04.170Inspection of applications.
26.04.175When disclosure of marriage applications and records prohibited.
26.04.180LicenseTime limitations as to issuance and useNotification.
26.04.190Refusal of licenseAppeal.
26.04.200Penalty for violations1939 c 204.
26.04.210Affidavits required for issuance of licensePenalties.
26.04.220Retention of license by person solemnizingAuditor's record.
26.04.240Penalty for unlawful solemnizationCode 1881.
26.04.250Penalty for unlawful solemnization1909 c 249.
26.04.260Recognition of a legal union.
26.04.900ConstructionReligious organization.


Interschool athletic and other extracurricular activities for students, discrimination because of marital status prohibited: RCW 28A.600.200.
Statute of fraudsContracts, etc., void unless in writing: RCW 19.36.010.
Veterans and veterans' affairsFree documents related to marriage, divorce, and domestic partnerships: RCW 73.04.120.
Vital statisticsRegistration of marriage: RCW 70.58A.300.