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DirectorIndigent defense servicesCivil commitment of sexually violent predators.

In providing indigent defense services for sexually violent predator civil commitment cases under chapter 71.09 RCW, the director shall:
(1) In accordance with state contracting laws, contract with persons admitted to practice law in this state and organizations employing persons admitted to practice law in this state for the provision of legal services to indigent persons;
(2) Establish annual contract fees for defense legal services within amounts appropriated based on court rules and court orders;
(3) Ensure an indigent person qualified for appointed counsel has one contracted counsel appointed to assist him or her. Upon a showing of good cause, the court may order additional counsel;
(4) Consistent with court rules and court orders, establish procedures for the reimbursement of expert witness and other professional and investigative costs;
(5) Review and analyze existing caseload standards and make recommendations for updating caseload standards as appropriate;
(6) Annually, with the first report due December 1, 2013, submit a report to the chief justice of the supreme court, the governor, and the legislature, with all pertinent data on the operation of indigent defense services for commitment proceedings under this section, including:
(a) Recommended levels of appropriation to maintain adequate indigent defense services to the extent constitutionally required;
(b) The time to trial for all commitment trial proceedings including a list of the number of continuances granted, the party that requested the continuance, the county where the proceeding is being heard, and, if available, the reason the continuance was granted;
(c) Recommendations for policy changes, including changes in statutes and changes in court rules, which may be appropriate for the improvement of sexually violent predator civil commitment proceedings.


Effective date2012 c 257: See note following RCW 2.70.020.
Indigent defense servicesScope of representation: RCW 71.09.045.
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