Chapter 2.70 RCW



HTMLPDF 2.70.005Office of public defense established.
HTMLPDF 2.70.010DirectorAppointmentQualificationsSalary.
HTMLPDF 2.70.020DirectorDutiesLimitations.
HTMLPDF 2.70.023Direct representation of clients.
HTMLPDF 2.70.025DirectorIndigent defense servicesCivil commitment of sexually violent predators.
HTMLPDF 2.70.027DirectorCommitment to psychiatric carePostcommitment public defense services for indigent persons.
HTMLPDF 2.70.030Advisory committeeMembershipDutiesTravel and other expenses.
HTMLPDF 2.70.040EmployeesCivil service exemption.
HTMLPDF 2.70.050Transfer to office of appellate indigent defense powers, duties, functions, information, property, appropriations, employees, rules, and pending businessApportionmentEffect on collective bargaining.
HTMLPDF 2.70.060Parents for parents program"Parent ally" defined.
HTMLPDF 2.70.070Parents for parents programGoalStructured peer mentoring.
HTMLPDF 2.70.080Parents for parents programComponents of program.
HTMLPDF 2.70.090Parents for parents programFunding, administrationProgram advisors.
HTMLPDF 2.70.100Parents for parents programEvaluationReports to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 2.70.110Identifying information of youth.
HTMLPDF 2.70.120Law student rural public defense program.
HTMLPDF 2.70.125Criminal defense training academy programExpansion.
HTMLPDF 2.70.200Representation of persons charged with violating certain counterfeit substances, controlled substances, cannabis, or legend drug provisions.
HTMLPDF 2.70.900Transfer of certain powers, duties, and functions of the department of social and health services.
HTMLPDF 2.70.901Transfer of certain powers, duties, and functions of the department of social and health servicesPersons not guilty by reason of insanity.