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Denial of license.

The department may deny a license to any applicant if the department finds that the applicant or any partner, officer, director, managerial employee, or owner of five percent or more of the applicant:
(1) Operated a nursing home without a license or under a revoked or suspended license; or
(2) Knowingly or with reason to know made a false statement of a material fact (a) in an application for license or any data attached thereto, or (b) in any matter under investigation by the department; or
(3) Refused to allow representatives or agents of the department to inspect (a) all books, records, and files required to be maintained or (b) any portion of the premises of the nursing home; or
(4) Willfully prevented, interfered with, or attempted to impede in any way (a) the work of any authorized representative of the department or (b) the lawful enforcement of any provision of this chapter or chapter 74.42 RCW; or
(5) Has a history of significant noncompliance with federal or state regulations in providing nursing home care. In deciding whether to deny a license under this section, the factors the department considers shall include the gravity and frequency of the noncompliance.
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