Chapter 18.51 RCW



HTMLPDF 18.51.005Purpose.
HTMLPDF 18.51.007Legislative intent.
HTMLPDF 18.51.009Resident rights.
HTMLPDF 18.51.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 18.51.030License required.
HTMLPDF 18.51.040Application for license.
HTMLPDF 18.51.050LicenseIssuance, renewalFeeDisplay.
HTMLPDF 18.51.054Denial of license.
HTMLPDF 18.51.060PenaltiesGrounds.
HTMLPDF 18.51.062Temporary managersDepartment shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless.
HTMLPDF 18.51.065PenaltiesHearing (as amended by 1989 c 175).
HTMLPDF 18.51.065PenaltiesHearing (as amended by 1989 c 372).
HTMLPDF 18.51.067License suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
HTMLPDF 18.51.070Rules.
HTMLPDF 18.51.091Inspection of nursing homes and community-based servicesNotice of violationsApproval of alterations or new facilities.
HTMLPDF 18.51.095Resident contact informationDepartment requirements and duties.
HTMLPDF 18.51.140Fire protectionDuties of chief of the Washington state patrol.
HTMLPDF 18.51.145Building inspectionsAuthority of chief of the Washington state patrol.
HTMLPDF 18.51.150Operating without licensePenalty.
HTMLPDF 18.51.160Operating without licenseInjunction.
HTMLPDF 18.51.170Application of chapter to homes or institutions operated by certain religious organizations.
HTMLPDF 18.51.180Outpatient servicesAuthorizedDefined.
HTMLPDF 18.51.185Outpatient servicesCost studiesVendor rates.
HTMLPDF 18.51.190Complaint of violationRequest for inspectionNoticeConfidentiality.
HTMLPDF 18.51.200Preliminary review of complaintOn-site investigation.
HTMLPDF 18.51.210Authority to enter and inspect nursing homeAdvance noticeDefense.
HTMLPDF 18.51.220Retaliation or discrimination against complainant prohibited, penaltyPresumption.
HTMLPDF 18.51.230Periodic general inspectionEmergency rules.
HTMLPDF 18.51.240Alterations or additionsPreliminary inspection and approval.
HTMLPDF 18.51.250Nursing homes without violationsPublic agencies notifiedPriority.
HTMLPDF 18.51.260Posting citations for violation of RCW 18.51.060.
HTMLPDF 18.51.270Annual report of citationsPublicationContents.
HTMLPDF 18.51.280Chapter cumulative.
HTMLPDF 18.51.290Writings as public records.
HTMLPDF 18.51.300Retention and preservation of records of patients.
HTMLPDF 18.51.310Comprehensive plan for utilization reviewLicensing standardsRegulations.
HTMLPDF 18.51.320Contact with animalsRules.
HTMLPDF 18.51.350Conflict with federal requirements.
HTMLPDF 18.51.400ReceivershipLegislative findings.
HTMLPDF 18.51.410ReceivershipPetition to establishGrounds.
HTMLPDF 18.51.420ReceivershipDefenses to petition.
HTMLPDF 18.51.430ReceivershipPersons qualified to act as receiver.
HTMLPDF 18.51.440ReceivershipJudicial hearing.
HTMLPDF 18.51.450ReceivershipAppointment of receiver.
HTMLPDF 18.51.460ReceivershipTerminationConditions.
HTMLPDF 18.51.470ReceivershipAccounting of acts and expenditures by receiver.
HTMLPDF 18.51.480ReceivershipCompensation, liabilityRevision of medicaid reimbursement rate.
HTMLPDF 18.51.490ReceivershipPowers of receiver.
HTMLPDF 18.51.500ReceivershipFinancial assistanceUse of revenues and proceeds of facility.
HTMLPDF 18.51.510ReceivershipState medical assistance.
HTMLPDF 18.51.520ReceivershipForeclosures and seizures not allowed.
HTMLPDF 18.51.530Notice of change of ownership or management.
HTMLPDF 18.51.540Cost disclosure to attending physicians.
HTMLPDF 18.51.550Investigation of complaints of violations concerning nursing technicians.
HTMLPDF 18.51.560Employment of physicians.
HTMLPDF 18.51.570EmploymentCertificates of parental improvement.
HTMLPDF 18.51.575Communication systemTelephones and other equipment.
HTMLPDF 18.51.580Disaster preparedness plan.
HTMLPDF 18.51.590Multistate nurse licenseConditions of employment.
HTMLPDF 18.51.920ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Assisted living facilities: Chapter 18.20 RCW.
Birthing centers: Chapter 18.46 RCW.
Employment of dental hygienist without supervision of dentist authorized: RCW 18.29.056.
Labor regulations, collective bargainingHealth care activities: Chapter 49.66 RCW.
Resident care, operating standards: Chapter 74.42 RCW.