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Finding of unprofessional conductOrdersSanctionsStayCostsStipulations.

Upon a finding, after hearing, that a license holder has committed unprofessional conduct or is unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety due to a physical or mental condition, the disciplining authority shall issue an order including sanctions adopted in accordance with the schedule adopted under RCW 18.130.390 giving proper consideration to any prior findings of fact under RCW 18.130.110, any stipulations to informal disposition under RCW 18.130.172, and any action taken by other in-state or out-of-state disciplining authorities. The order must provide for one or any combination of the following, as directed by the schedule, except as provided in RCW 9.97.020:
(1) Revocation of the license;
(2) Suspension of the license for a fixed or indefinite term;
(3) Restriction or limitation of the practice;
(4) Requiring the satisfactory completion of a specific program of remedial education or treatment;
(5) The monitoring of the practice by a supervisor approved by the disciplining authority;
(6) Censure or reprimand;
(7) Compliance with conditions of probation for a designated period of time;
(8) Payment of a fine for each violation of this chapter, not to exceed five thousand dollars per violation. Funds received shall be placed in the health professions account;
(9) Denial of the license request;
(10) Corrective action;
(11) Refund of fees billed to and collected from the consumer;
(12) A surrender of the practitioner's license in lieu of other sanctions, which must be reported to the federal data bank.
Any of the actions under this section may be totally or partly stayed by the disciplining authority. Safeguarding the public's health and safety is the paramount responsibility of every disciplining authority. In determining what action is appropriate, the disciplining authority must consider the schedule adopted under RCW 18.130.390. Where the schedule allows flexibility in determining the appropriate sanction, the disciplining authority must first consider what sanctions are necessary to protect or compensate the public. Only after such provisions have been made may the disciplining authority consider and include in the order requirements designed to rehabilitate the license holder. All costs associated with compliance with orders issued under this section are the obligation of the license holder. The disciplining authority may order permanent revocation of a license if it finds that the license holder can never be rehabilitated or can never regain the ability to practice with reasonable skill and safety.
Surrender or permanent revocation of a license under this section is not subject to a petition for reinstatement under RCW 18.130.150.
The disciplining authority may determine that a case presents unique circumstances that the schedule adopted under RCW 18.130.390 does not adequately address. The disciplining authority may deviate from the schedule adopted under RCW 18.130.390 when selecting appropriate sanctions, but the disciplining authority must issue a written explanation of the basis for not following the schedule.
The license holder may enter into a stipulated disposition of charges that includes one or more of the sanctions of this section, but only after a statement of charges has been issued and the license holder has been afforded the opportunity for a hearing and has elected on the record to forego such a hearing. The stipulation shall either contain one or more specific findings of unprofessional conduct or inability to practice, or a statement by the license holder acknowledging that evidence is sufficient to justify one or more specified findings of unprofessional conduct or inability to practice. The stipulation entered into pursuant to this subsection shall be considered formal disciplinary action for all purposes.


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