Chapter 18.130 RCW



HTMLPDF 18.130.010Intent.
HTMLPDF 18.130.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 18.130.035Background check activitiesFees.
HTMLPDF 18.130.037Application and renewal fees.
HTMLPDF 18.130.039Licensee not required to participate in third-party reimbursement program.
HTMLPDF 18.130.040Application to certain professionsAuthority of secretaryGrant or denial of licensesProcedural rules.
HTMLPDF 18.130.042Required licensure informationSale to third party prohibitedExemptions.
HTMLPDF 18.130.045Massage therapistsProcedures governing convicted prostitutes.
HTMLPDF 18.130.050Authority of disciplining authority.
HTMLPDF 18.130.055Authority of disciplining authorityDenial of applications.
HTMLPDF 18.130.057Disciplining authorityDutiesDocuments.
HTMLPDF 18.130.060Additional authority of secretary.
HTMLPDF 18.130.062Authority of secretaryDisciplinary processSexual misconductVictim interview training.
HTMLPDF 18.130.063DisclosureSexual misconduct.
HTMLPDF 18.130.064Authority and dutiesSecretary and disciplining authorityBackground checks.
HTMLPDF 18.130.065Rules, policies, and ordersSecretary's role.
HTMLPDF 18.130.070Rules requiring reportsCourt ordersImmunity from liabilityLicensees required to report.
HTMLPDF 18.130.075Temporary practice permitsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 18.130.077Licensure requirements waiver for out-of-state and nationally certified applicants.
HTMLPDF 18.130.080Unprofessional conductComplaintInvestigationCivil penalty.
HTMLPDF 18.130.085Communication with complainant.
HTMLPDF 18.130.090Statement of chargeRequest for hearing.
HTMLPDF 18.130.095Uniform procedural rules.
HTMLPDF 18.130.098SettlementDisclosureConference.
HTMLPDF 18.130.100HearingsAdjudicative proceedings under chapter 34.05 RCW.
HTMLPDF 18.130.110Findings of factOrderReport.
HTMLPDF 18.130.120Actions against licenseException.
HTMLPDF 18.130.127License suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
HTMLPDF 18.130.130OrdersWhen effectiveStay.
HTMLPDF 18.130.135Suspension or restriction ordersShow cause hearing.
HTMLPDF 18.130.140Appeal.
HTMLPDF 18.130.150Reinstatement.
HTMLPDF 18.130.160Finding of unprofessional conductOrdersSanctionsStayCostsStipulations.
HTMLPDF 18.130.165Enforcement of fine.
HTMLPDF 18.130.170Capacity of license holder to practiceHearingMental or physical examinationImplied consent.
HTMLPDF 18.130.172Evidence summary and stipulations.
HTMLPDF 18.130.175Physician health and voluntary substance use disorder monitoring programs (as amended by 2023 c 425).
HTMLPDF 18.130.175Physician health and voluntary substance use disorder monitoring programs (as amended by 2023 c 469).
HTMLPDF 18.130.180Unprofessional conduct.
HTMLPDF 18.130.185Injunctive relief for violations of RCW 18.130.170 or 18.130.180.
HTMLPDF 18.130.186Voluntary substance abuse monitoring programContentLicense surcharge.
HTMLPDF 18.130.190Practice without licenseInvestigation of complaintsCease and desist ordersInjunctionsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 18.130.195Violation of injunctionPenalty.
HTMLPDF 18.130.200Fraud or misrepresentation in obtaining or maintaining a licensePenalty.
HTMLPDF 18.130.210Crime by license holderNotice to attorney general or county prosecuting attorney.
HTMLPDF 18.130.230Production of documentsAdministrative fines.
HTMLPDF 18.130.250Retired active license status.
HTMLPDF 18.130.270Continuing competency pilot projects.
HTMLPDF 18.130.300Immunity from liability.
HTMLPDF 18.130.310Biennial reportContentsFormat.
HTMLPDF 18.130.340Opiate therapy guidelines.
HTMLPDF 18.130.350ApplicationUse of records or exchange of information not affected.
HTMLPDF 18.130.360Retired volunteer medical worker licenseSupervisionRules.
HTMLPDF 18.130.370Prohibition on practicing in another stateProhibited from practicing in this state until proceedings of appropriate disciplining authority are completed.
HTMLPDF 18.130.390Sanctioning scheduleDevelopment.
HTMLPDF 18.130.400Abuse of vulnerable adultProhibition on practice.
HTMLPDF 18.130.410Collecting blood samples without consent under direction of law enforcement.
HTMLPDF 18.130.420Stem cell therapiesInformed consent.
HTMLPDF 18.130.430Pelvic exams.
HTMLPDF 18.130.440Educational materials on nationwide 988 phone numberVeterans crisis line and resources.
HTMLPDF 18.130.450Reproductive health care services and gender-affirming treatment.
HTMLPDF 18.130.460Female genital mutilationMinorsProhibition on procedure.
HTMLPDF 18.130.470Ultrasounds.
HTMLPDF 18.130.800Rule makingLicensure requirements.
HTMLPDF 18.130.900Short titleApplicability.
HTMLPDF 18.130.901Severability1984 c 279.


AIDS education and training: Chapter 70.24 RCW.