Chapter 17.10 RCW



17.10.007PurposeConstruction1975 1st ex.s. c 13.
17.10.020County noxious weed control boardsCreatedJurisdictionInactive status.
17.10.030State noxious weed control boardMembersTermsElectionsMeetingsReimbursement for travel expenses.
17.10.040Activation of inactive county noxious weed control board.
17.10.050Activated county noxious weed control boardMembersElectionTermsMeetingsQuorumExpensesOfficersVacancy.
17.10.060Activated county noxious weed control boardWeed coordinatorAuthorityRules and regulations.
17.10.070State noxious weed control boardPowersReport.
17.10.080State noxious weed listHearingAdoptionGuidelines for placing plants on the listDissemination.
17.10.090State noxious weed listSelection of weeds for control by county board.
17.10.100Order to county board to include weed from state board's list in county's noxious weed list.
17.10.110Regional noxious weed control boardCreation.
17.10.120Regional noxious weed control boardMembersMeetingsQuorumOfficersEffect on county boards.
17.10.130Regional noxious weed control boardPowers and duties.
17.10.134Liability of county and regional noxious weed control boards.
17.10.140Owner's duty to control spread of noxious weeds.
17.10.145State agencies' duty to control spread of noxious weedsReplacement of noxious weeds with native forage plants that are beneficial to pollinators.
17.10.154Owners' agreements with county noxious weed control boardsTermsEnforcement.
17.10.160Right of entryWarrant for noxious weed searchCivil liabilityPenalty for preventing entry.
17.10.170Finding presence of noxious weedsNotice for failure of owner to controlControl by county boardLiability of ownerLienAlternative.
17.10.180Hearing on liability for expense of controlNoticeReview.
17.10.190Notice and information as to noxious weed control.
17.10.201Noxious weed control on federal and tribal landsState and county cooperation.
17.10.205Control of noxious weeds in open areas.
17.10.210Quarantine of landOrderExpense.
17.10.235Selling product, article, or feed containing noxious weed seeds or toxic weedsPenaltyRulesInspectionsFees.
17.10.240Budget for county noxious weed control boardReport to the legislatureSpecial assessments, appropriations for noxious weed controlAssessment rates.
17.10.250Applications for noxious weed control funds.
17.10.260Administrative powers to be exercised in conformity with administrative procedure actUse of weed control substances subject to other acts.
17.10.270Noxious weed control boardsAuthority to obtain insurance or surety bonds.
17.10.280Lien for labor, material, equipment used in controlling noxious weeds.
17.10.290Lien for labor, material, equipment used in controlling noxious weedsNotice of lien.
17.10.300Lien for labor, material, equipment used in controlling noxious weedsClaimFilingContents.
17.10.310Notice of infractionIssuance.
17.10.890Deactivation of county noxious weed control boardHearing.
17.10.900Weed districtsContinuationDissolutionTransfer of assessment funds.