Chapter 17.04 RCW



17.04.010Districts authorizedArea and boundaries.
17.04.030PetitionTime, place and notice of hearing.
17.04.050Board to determine petitionResolution to create district.
17.04.070MeetingsQualifications of electors and directorsElectionsOfficersBondsTerms of officeVacanciesRules and regulations.
17.04.150PowersWeed inspector.
17.04.160Contiguous lands.
17.04.170Indian reservation landsUnited States lands.
17.04.180County and state lands.
17.04.190Duties of weed inspector.
17.04.200Violation of rules and regulationsNotice to destroy weedsDestruction.
17.04.210Statement of expenseHearing.
17.04.220Examination at hearing of expensesAmount is tax on landEffect of failure to serve notices.
17.04.230Appellate reviewNoticeCost bond.
17.04.240AssessmentsClassification of propertyTax levySpecial assessments.
17.04.245AssessmentTax rollCollection.
17.04.250District treasurerDutiesFund.
17.04.260Limit of indebtedness.
17.04.270Districts organized under prior lawReorganization.
17.04.280Officials of district may enter landsPenalty for prevention.


Agricultural and vegetable seeds: Chapter 15.49 RCW.
Special purpose districts, expenditures to recruit job candidates: RCW 42.24.170.