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At-risk youthPetition by parent.

(1) A child's parent may file with the juvenile court a petition in the interest of a child alleged to be an at-risk youth. The department shall, when requested, assist the parent in filing the petition. The petition shall be filed in the county where the petitioner resides. The petition shall set forth the name, age, and residence of the child and the names and residence of the child's parents and shall allege that:
(a) The child is an at-risk youth;
(b) The petitioner has the right to legal custody of the child;
(c) Court intervention and supervision are necessary to assist the parent to maintain the care, custody, and control of the child; and
(d) Alternatives to court intervention have been attempted or there is good cause why such alternatives have not been attempted.
(2) The petition shall set forth facts that support the allegations in this section and shall generally request relief available under this chapter. The petition need not specify any proposed disposition following adjudication of the petition. The filing of an at-risk youth petition is not dependent upon the court's having obtained any prior jurisdiction over the child or his or her parent and confers upon the court the special jurisdiction to assist the parent in maintaining parental authority and responsibility for the child.
(3) A petition may not be filed if a dependency petition is pending under chapter 13.34 RCW.


Short title1995 c 312: See note following RCW 13.32A.010.
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