Chapter 13.32A RCW



HTMLPDF 13.32A.010Legislative findings and intent.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.015At-risk youth servicesIntent.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.020Short title.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.030DefinitionsRegulating leave from semi-secure facility.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.040Family reconciliation services.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.045Family reconciliation servicesData.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.080Unlawful harboring of a minorPenaltyDefenseProsecution of adult for involving child in commission of offense.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.082Providing shelter to minorRequirement to notify parent, law enforcement, or department.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.084Providing shelter to minorImmunity from liability.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.085Unlicensed youth shelter or unlicensed runaway and homeless youth programPrivate right of action or claim.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.086Duty of law enforcement agencies to identify runaway children under RCW 43.43.510.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.100Family reconciliation services for child in out-of-home placement.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.110Interstate compact to apply, when.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.120Out-of-home placementAgreement, continuationPetition to approve or continue.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.125Temporary out-of-home placement in semi-secure crisis residential center.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.128Child admitted to secure facilityLimitations.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.140Out-of-home placementChild in need of services petition by departmentProcedure.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.150Out-of-home placementChild in need of services petition by child or parent.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.152Child in need of services petitionService on parentsNotice to departmentPetitions regarding Indian children.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.160Out-of-home placementCourt action upon filing of child in need of services petitionChild placement.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.170Out-of-home placementFact-finding hearing.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.175Out-of-home placementContribution to child's supportEnforcement of order.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.177Out-of-home placementDetermination of support payments.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.178Out-of-home placementChild supportExceptions.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.179Out-of-home placementDisposition hearingCourt orderDispositional planChild subject to contempt proceedingsDismissal of order at request of department or parent.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.180Out-of-home placementCourt orderNo placement in secure residence.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.190Out-of-home placement dispositional orderReview hearingsTime limitation on out-of-home placementTermination of placement at request of parent.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.191At-risk youthPetition by parent.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.192At-risk youth petitionPrehearing procedures.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.194At-risk youth petitionCourt procedures.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.196At-risk youth petitionDispositional hearing.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.197Disposition hearingAdditional orders for specialized treatmentReview hearingsLimitationUse of state funds.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.198At-risk youthReview by court.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.200Hearings under chapterTime or placePublic excluded.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.205Acceptance of petitions by courtDamages.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.210Foster home placementParental preferences.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.250Failure to comply with order as civil contemptMotionPenalties.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.270Youth who have been divertedAlleged prostitution or prostitution loitering offensesServices and treatment.
HTMLPDF 13.32A.300No entitlement to services created by chapter.


Consistency required in administration of statutes applicable to runaway youth, at-risk youth, and families in conflict: RCW 43.20A.770.
Family preservation services: Chapter 74.14C RCW.
Foster placement prevention: Chapter 74.14C RCW.
Implementation of chapters 13.32A and 13.34 RCW: RCW 74.13.036.
Juvenile may be both dependent and an offender: RCW 13.04.300.
Services for families-in-conflict: RCW 74.14A.020.
Transitional treatment program for gang and drug-involved juvenile offenders: RCW 13.40.310.