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Succession by personal representative.

Upon granting letters testamentary or of administration the power of the special administrator shall cease, and he or she shall forthwith deliver to the personal representative all the goods, chattels, money, effects, and debts of the deceased in his or her hands, and the personal representative may be admitted to prosecute any suit commenced by the special administrator, in like manner as an administrator de bonis non is authorized to prosecute a suit commenced by a former personal representative. The estate shall be liable for obligations incurred by the special administrator pursuant to the order of appointment or approved by the court.
[ 2010 c 8 s 2028; 1965 c 145 s 11.32.040. Prior: 1917 c 156 s 84; RRS s 1454; prior: Code 1881 s 1422; 1863 p 233 s 140; 1860 p 185 s 107.]
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