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WAC 392-190-030

Agency filings affecting this section

General—Recreational and athletic activities—Sex discrimination—Equal opportunity factors considered.

Each school district must evaluate its recreational and athletic program at least once each year to ensure that equal opportunities are available to members of both sexes with respect to interscholastic, club or intramural athletics which are operated, sponsored, or otherwise provided by the school district.
In determining whether equal opportunities are available to members of both sexes with respect to interscholastic, club or intramural athletics, each school district conducting an evaluation required by this section, and the office of superintendent of public instruction upon receipt of a complaint pursuant to WAC 392-190-075, must consider several factors, including but not limited to the following where provided by a school district:
(1) Whether the selection of sports and levels of competition effectively accommodates the interests and abilities of members of both sexes;
(2) The provision of equipment and supplies;
(3) The scheduling of games and practice times including the use of playfields, courts, gyms, and pools;
(4) Transportation and per diem allowances, if any;
(5) The opportunity to receive coaching and academic tutoring;
(6) The assignment and compensation of coaches, tutors, and game officials;
(7) The provision of medical and training facilities and services including the availability of insurance;
(8) The provision of housing, laundry, and dining facilities and services, if any; and
(9) Publicity and awards.
Unequal aggregate expenditures within a school district for members of each sex or unequal expenditures for separate male and female teams will not alone constitute noncompliance with this chapter, but the failure to provide the necessary funds for recreational and athletic activities for members of one sex may be considered in assessing the equality of opportunity for members of each sex.
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