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WAC 308-96A-355

Agency filings affecting this section

Satisfaction of vehicle violationsInformation to be supplied by issuing jurisdiction.

What happens when outstanding vehicle violations are satisfied? Upon satisfaction of vehicle violations previously reported as outstanding against a vehicle, the issuing jurisdiction must:
(1) Furnish the registered owner with a proof of payment form; and
(2) Notify the department within ten days of satisfaction of the vehicle violations.
(3) Both proof of payment and notification to the department must contain:
(a) Jurisdiction name;
(b) NCIC number/originating agency identifier (ORI)/jurisdiction ID;
(c) Vehicle violation number;
(d) Date vehicle violation was issued;
(e) Vehicle license plate number;
(f) Date of satisfaction;
(g) Jurisdiction seal, except if filed electronically;
(h) Signature of representative and date signed, except if filed electronically.
(4) If filed electronically, must be in accordance with department instructions.
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