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Chapter 308-96A WAC


WAC Sections

Replacement certificate of registrationDocuments required.
Replacement platesRequirements.
Vehicle transit permit.
Qualified veteran's free license.
Cooper Jones/Share the Road license plate emblems affixed to license plates.
Distribution of the first twenty-five sequential special license plates.
Nonresident members of the armed forcesPlates displayed.
Pearl Harbor survivor license plates.
Purple Heart license plates.
Transfer or destruction of honorary consul special license plates.
Transfer or loss/destruction of foreign organization special license plates.
Personalized license plates.
Amateur radio operator special license plates.
Military affiliate radio system special license plates.
Square dancer license plates.
Antique vehicleHorseless carriage license plate.
Collector vehicle and restored license plates.
Law enforcement memorial special vehicle license plate series.
Volunteer firefighter special vehicle license plate series.
Professional firefighters and paramedics special vehicle license plate series.
Helping Kids Speak special vehicle license plate series.
Undercover and confidential license platesApplication procedures.
Undercover and confidential license platesAgency contact.
Undercover or confidential license platesVehicle inventory.
Undercover or confidential license platesCancellation.
Registration requirements.
Surrender and disposition of license plates.
Use class descriptions.
Scale weight required for licensing.
Private carrier bus.
Fixed load vehicles.
MopedsLicense plates.
Neighborhood and medium speed electric vehiclesRequirements.
Cab and chassis.
Fleet registration.
Ride-sharing vehicles.
Special transportation needs for ride-share vehicles.
Registration of rental vehicles.
Purchasing gross weightExpiration dates.
Power units towing trailers with permanent registrations.
Permanent trailer registrations.
Gross weightIncreasing declared gross weight.
Gross weightDecreasing declared gross weight.
Gross weightChanging from a farm use class to a nonfarm use class.
Gross weightChanging from a nonfarm use class to a farm use class.
Gross weightTransfer of gross weight license to new owner.
Gross weightTransfer of gross weight license to a replacement vehicle.
Assignment of original registration year.
Assignment of fleet registration expiration.
Display of tabs.
Changing assigned registration year.
Outstanding vehicle violationsInformation to be supplied to the department by issuing jurisdictions.
Satisfaction of vehicle violationsInformation to be supplied by issuing jurisdiction.
Reinstatement of parking violation.
Excise tax exemptionIndians.
Veterans remembrance and military service award license plate emblems.
Gold Star license plate.
Vehicle special collegiate license plates.
Special license platesCriteria for creation or continued issuance.
Invalid or fraudulent DOT numbersCancellation of registrations.
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