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Vessels from out-of-state operating in this state—Nonresident vessel permit required.

(1) What must I provide to obtain a nonresident vessel permit? You must provide the following:
(a) Proof of nonresidency by showing the vessel owner's out-of-state driver's license or out-of-state photo identification;
(b) A copy of the current foreign vessel registration or current United States Coast Guard certificate of documentation;
(c) Date the vessel first came into the state;
(d) A nonrefundable fee of twenty-five dollars plus a filing fee and subagent fee, if applicable.
(2) How many nonresident vessel permits may be obtained? You may obtain two nonresident vessel permits in any continuous twelve-month period for any single vessel. The twelve months begins on the date the vessel first entered this state.
(3) How do I display the vessel visitor permit? The permit must be visible to law enforcement from either the dock or from the water. It must be kept aboard the vessel at all times when moored and during operation and protected from the weather.
The permit must be clearly displayed either:
(a) In the windshield;
(b) On side window;
(c) In the cockpit; or
(d) In the operation area of the vessel.
(4) If the vessel owner is not available, how do I obtain a nonresident vessel permit? The person applying for the nonresident vessel permit must have a:
(a) Notarized or certified power of attorney from a registered owner of the vessel;
(b) Copy of the vessel owner's out-of-state driver's license or photo identification; and
(c) Copy of the out-of-state or out-of-country registration certificate.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 88.02.610 and 88.02.620. WSR 13-21-035, § 308-93-055, filed 10/9/13, effective 11/9/13. Statutory Authority: RCW 88.02.070 and 88.02.100. WSR 06-21-025, § 308-93-055, filed 10/9/06, effective 11/9/06; WSR 01-03-128, § 308-93-055, filed 1/23/01, effective 2/23/01; WSR 98-16-029, § 308-93-055, filed 7/29/98, effective 7/30/98.]
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