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Chapter 246-337 WAC


WAC Sections

Scope and purpose.
Service types.
On-site surveys, complaint investigations, and enforcement.
Exemptions or alternative means and methods of compliance.
Construction review services requirements.
Governance and administration.
Quality improvement program.
Management of human resources.
Personnel criminal history, disclosure, and background inquiries.
Infection control.
Safety and security.
Emergency disaster plan.
Resident rights.
Resident care services.
Accepting a child with a parent in treatment.
Resident health care records.
Resident's individual service plan.
Medication management.
Use of restraint and seclusion.
Food and nutrition services.
Laundry services.
Resident sleeping room accommodations.
Animal management and safety.
Facility and environment requirements.
Common room requirements.
Resident care room requirements.
Restraint or seclusion room requirements.
Laundry and housekeeping room requirements.
Resident sleeping room requirements.
Water supply, sewage and waste disposal.
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
Lighting, emergency lighting, and electrical outlets.
Cleaning, maintenance and refuse disposal.
Licensing fees.
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