Chapter 246-337 WAC

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WAC Sections

246-337-001Scope and purpose.
246-337-015Service types.
246-337-021On-site surveys, complaint investigations, and enforcement.
246-337-025Exemptions or alternative means and methods of compliance.
246-337-040Construction review services requirements.
246-337-045Governance and administration.
246-337-048Quality improvement program.
246-337-050Management of human resources.
246-337-055Personnel criminal history, disclosure, and background inquiries.
246-337-060Infection control.
246-337-065Safety and security.
246-337-070Emergency disaster plan.
246-337-075Resident rights.
246-337-080Resident care services.
246-337-085Accepting a child with a parent in treatment.
246-337-095Resident health care records.
246-337-100Resident's individual service plan.
246-337-105Medication management.
246-337-110Use of restraint and seclusion.
246-337-111Food and nutrition services.
246-337-112Laundry services.
246-337-113Resident sleeping room accommodations.
246-337-116Animal management and safety.
246-337-120Facility and environment requirements.
246-337-124Common room requirements.
246-337-126Resident care room requirements.
246-337-127Restraint or seclusion room requirements.
246-337-128Laundry and housekeeping room requirements.
246-337-129Resident sleeping room requirements.
246-337-130Water supply, sewage and waste disposal.
246-337-135Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
246-337-140Lighting, emergency lighting, and electrical outlets.
246-337-146Cleaning, maintenance and refuse disposal.
246-337-990Licensing fees.
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