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Variances—Documentation of proposed VARIANCE and justification (2009 FDA Food Code 8-103.11).

Before a VARIANCE from a requirement of this chapter is APPROVED, the information that must be provided by the PERSON requesting the VARIANCE and retained in the REGULATORY AUTHORITY'S file on the FOOD ESTABLISHMENT includes:
(1) A statement of the proposed VARIANCE of this chapter requirement citing the relevant section;
(2) An analysis of the rationale for how the potential public health hazards and nuisances addressed by the relevant section will be alternatively addressed by the proposal; and
(3) A HACCP PLAN if required as specified under WAC 246-215-08210(1) that includes the information specified under WAC 246-215-08215 as it is relevant to the VARIANCE requested.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050 and 43.20.145. WSR 13-03-109, § 246-215-08115, filed 1/17/13, effective 5/1/13.]
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