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Preventing contamination by employees—Preventing contamination from hands (2009 FDA Food Code 3-301.11).

(1) FOOD EMPLOYEES shall wash their hands as specified under WAC 246-215-02305.
(2) Except when washing fruits and vegetables as specified under WAC 246-215-03318 or as specified in subsection (4) of this section, FOOD EMPLOYEES may not contact exposed, READY-TO-EAT FOOD with their bare hands and shall use suitable UTENSILS such as deli tissue, spatulas, tongs, SINGLE-USE gloves, or dispensing EQUIPMENT.
(3) FOOD EMPLOYEES shall minimize bare hand and arm contact with exposed FOOD that is not in a READY-TO-EAT form.
(4) FOOD EMPLOYEES not serving a HIGHLY SUSCEPTIBLE POPULATION may contact exposed, READY-TO-EAT FOOD with their bare hands if:
(a) The PERMIT HOLDER obtains prior approval from the REGULATORY AUTHORITY;
(b) Written procedures are maintained in the FOOD ESTABLISHMENT and made available to the REGULATORY AUTHORITY upon request that include:
(i) For each bare hand contact procedure, a listing of the specific READY-TO-EAT FOODS that are touched by the hands;
(ii) Diagrams and other information showing that handwashing facilities, installed, located, equipped, and maintained as specified under WAC 246-215-05230, 246-215-05255, 246-215-05265, 246-215-06310, and 246-215-06320, are in an easily accessible location and in close proximity to the work station where bare hand contact procedure is conducted.
(c) A written EMPLOYEE health policy that details how the FOOD ESTABLISHMENT complies with Part 2, Subpart B of this chapter.
(d) Documentation that FOOD EMPLOYEES acknowledge they have received training in:
(i) The RISKS of contacting the specific READY-TO-EAT FOODS with bare hands;
(ii) Proper handwashing as specified under WAC 246-215-02305;
(iii) When to wash their hands as specified under WAC 246-215-02310;
(iv) Where to wash their hands as specified under WAC 246-215-02315;
(v) Proper fingernail maintenance as specified under WAC 246-215-02325;
(vi) Prohibition of jewelry as specified under WAC 246-215-02330; and
(vii) Good hygienic practices as specified under WAC 246-215-02400 and 246-215-02405.
(e) Documentation that hands are washed before FOOD preparation and as necessary to prevent cross contamination by FOOD EMPLOYEES as specified under WAC 246-215-02300, 246-215-02305, 246-215-02310, and 246-215-02315 during all hours of operation when the specific READY-TO-EAT FOODS are prepared;
(f) Documentation that FOOD EMPLOYEES contacting READY-TO-EAT FOOD with bare hands use two or more of the following control measures to provide additional safeguards to hazards associated with bare hand contact:
(i) Double handwashing;
(ii) Nail brushes;
(iii) A hand antiseptic after handwashing as specified under WAC 246-215-02320;
(iv) Incentive programs such as paid sick leave that assist or encourage FOOD EMPLOYEES not to work when they are ill; or
(v) Other APPROVED control measures; and
(g) Documentation that corrective action is taken when (a) through (f) of this subsection are not followed.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050 and 43.20.145. WSR 13-03-109, § 246-215-03300, filed 1/17/13, effective 5/1/13.]
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