Chapter 70.245 RCW


RCW Sections

70.245.020Written request for medication.
70.245.030Form of the written request.
70.245.040Attending physician responsibilities.
70.245.050Consulting physician confirmation.
70.245.060Counseling referral.
70.245.070Informed decision.
70.245.080Notification of next of kin.
70.245.090Written and oral requests.
70.245.100Right to rescind request.
70.245.110Waiting periods.
70.245.120Medical record documentation requirements.
70.245.130Residency requirement.
70.245.140Disposal of unused medications.
70.245.150Reporting of information to the department of health -- Adoption of rules -- Information collected not a public record -- Annual statistical report.
70.245.160Effect on construction of wills, contracts, and statutes.
70.245.170Insurance or annuity policies.
70.245.180Authority of chapter -- References to practices under this chapter -- Applicable standard of care.
70.245.190Immunities -- Basis for prohibiting health care provider from participation -- Notification -- Permissible sanctions.
70.245.200Willful alteration/forgery -- Coercion or undue influence -- Penalties -- Civil damages -- Other penalties not precluded.
70.245.210Claims by governmental entity for costs incurred.
70.245.220Form of the request.
70.245.901Short title -- 2009 c 1 (Initiative Measure No. 1000).
70.245.902Severability -- 2009 c 1 (Initiative Measure No. 1000).
70.245.903Effective dates -- 2009 c 1 (Initiative Measure No. 1000).
70.245.904Captions, part headings, and subpart headings not law -- 2009 c 1 (Initiative Measure No. 1000).