Chapter 61.24 RCW


RCW Sections

61.24.008Borrower referred to mediation--When.
61.24.010Trustee, qualifications -- Successor trustee.
61.24.020Deeds subject to all mortgage laws -- Foreclosure -- Recording and indexing -- Trustee and beneficiary, separate entities, exception.
61.24.025Application of federal servicemembers civil relief act to deeds of trust.
61.24.026Notice to senior beneficiary of sale -- Residential, owner-occupied -- Proceeds of sale insufficient to pay in full obligation -- Timeline -- Failure of beneficiary to respond.
61.24.030Requisites to trustee's sale.
61.24.031Notice of default under RCW 61.24.030(8) -- Beneficiary's duties -- Borrower's options.
61.24.033Model language for initial contact letter used by beneficiaries -- Rules.
61.24.040Foreclosure and sale -- Notice of sale.
61.24.042Notice to guarantor -- Contents -- Failure to provide.
61.24.045Requests for notice of sale.
61.24.050Interest conveyed by trustee's deed -- Sale is final if acceptance is properly recorded -- Redemption precluded after sale--Rescission of trustee's sale.
61.24.060Rights and remedies of trustee's sale purchaser -- Written notice to occupants or tenants.
61.24.070Trustee's sale, who may bid at -- If beneficiary is purchaser -- If purchaser is not beneficiary.
61.24.080Disposition of proceeds of sale -- Notices -- Surplus funds.
61.24.090Curing defaults before sale -- Discontinuance of proceedings -- Notice of discontinuance -- Execution and acknowledgment -- Payments tendered to trustee.
61.24.100Deficiency judgments -- Foreclosure -- Trustee's sale -- Application of chapter.
61.24.110Reconveyance by trustee.
61.24.120Other foreclosure provisions preserved.
61.24.127Failure to bring civil action to enjoin foreclosure -- Not a waiver of claims.
61.24.130Restraint of sale by trustee -- Conditions -- Notice.
61.24.135Consumer protection act -- Unfair or deceptive acts or practices.
61.24.140Assignment of rents -- Collecting payment of rent.
61.24.143Foreclosure of tenant-occupied property -- Notice of trustee's sale.
61.24.146Foreclosure of tenant-occupied property -- Notice to vacate.
61.24.160Housing counselors -- Good faith duty to attempt resolution -- Resolution described -- Mediation -- Liability for civil damages -- Annual report.
61.24.163Foreclosure mediation program -- Timelines -- Procedures -- Duties and responsibilities of mediator, borrower, and beneficiary -- Fees -- Annual report.
61.24.165Application of RCW 61.24.163.
61.24.166Application of RCW 61.24.163 to federally insured depository institutions -- Annual application for exemption.
61.24.169Department maintains list of approved foreclosure mediators -- Training program--Mediator involvement in civil action.
61.24.172Foreclosure fairness account created -- Uses.
61.24.174Required payment for each property subject to notice of default -- Owner-occupied residential real property -- Exception -- Deposit into foreclosure fairness account.
61.24.177Deed of trust pool -- Duty of servicer to maximize net present value.

Possession of real property by trustee of deed of trust to collect rents and profits: RCW 7.28.230.