Chapter 46.70 RCW


RCW Sections

46.70.005Declaration of purpose.
46.70.021License required for dealers or manufacturers -- Penalties.
46.70.023Place of business.
46.70.025Established place of business -- Waiver of requirements.
46.70.027Accountability of dealer for employees -- Actions for damages on violation of chapter.
46.70.029Listing dealers, transaction of business.
46.70.031Application for license -- Form.
46.70.041Application for license -- Contents.
46.70.042Application for license -- Retention by department -- Confidentiality.
46.70.045Denial of license.
46.70.051Issuance of license--Private party dissemination of vehicle database.
46.70.061Fees -- Disposition.
46.70.070Dealers -- Bond required, exceptions -- Actions -- Cancellation of license.
46.70.075Manufacturers -- Bond required -- Actions -- Cancellation of license.
46.70.079Education requirements.
46.70.083Expiration of license -- Renewal -- Certification of established place of business.
46.70.085Licenses -- Staggered renewal.
46.70.090License plates -- Use.
46.70.101Denial, suspension, or revocation of licenses -- Grounds.
46.70.102Denial, suspension, or revocation of licenses -- Notice, hearing, procedure.
46.70.111Investigations or proceedings -- Powers of director or designees -- Penalty.
46.70.115Cease and desist orders -- Penalty, "curbstoning" defined.
46.70.120Record of transactions.
46.70.122Duty when purchaser or transferee is a dealer.
46.70.124Evidence of ownership for dealers' used vehicles -- Consignments.
46.70.125Used vehicles -- Asking price, posting or disclosure.
46.70.130Details of charges must be furnished buyer or mortgagor.
46.70.132Manufactured home sale -- Implied warranty.
46.70.134Manufactured home installation -- Warranty, state installation code.
46.70.135Mobile homes -- Warranties and inspections -- Delivery -- Occupancy -- Advertising of dimensions.
46.70.140Handling "hot" vehicles -- Unreported motor "switches" -- Unauthorized use of dealer plates -- Penalty.
46.70.160Rules and regulations.
46.70.170Penalty for violations.
46.70.180Unlawful acts and practices.
46.70.183Notice of bankruptcy proceedings.
46.70.190Civil actions for violations -- Injunctions -- Claims under Federal Automobile Dealer Franchise Act -- Time limitation.
46.70.220Duties of attorney general and prosecuting attorneys to act on violations -- Limitation of civil actions.
46.70.230Duties of attorney general and prosecuting attorneys to act on violations -- Assurance of compliance -- Filing.
46.70.240Penalties -- Jurisdiction.
46.70.250Personal service of process outside state.
46.70.260Application of chapter to existing and future franchises and contracts.
46.70.270Provisions of chapter cumulative -- Violation of RCW 46.70.180 deemed civil.
46.70.290Mobile homes and persons engaged in distribution and sale.
46.70.300Chapter exclusive -- Local business and occupation tax not prevented.
46.70.310Consumer Protection Act.
46.70.320Buyer's agents.
46.70.330Wholesale motor vehicle auction dealers.
46.70.340Issuance of temporary subagency licenses for recreational vehicle shows.
46.70.900Liberal construction.
46.70.910Severability -- 1967 ex.s. c 74.
46.70.920Severability -- 1973 1st ex.s. c 132.

Automotive repair: Chapter 46.71 RCW.

False or deceptive advertising: Chapter 9.04 RCW.

Lemon Law -- Motor vehicle express warranties: Chapter 19.118 RCW.

Manufactured home safety and construction standards, inspections: RCW 43.22.431 through 43.22.434.

Retail installment sales of goods: Chapter 63.14 RCW.

Unfair business practices -- Consumer protection: Chapter 19.86 RCW.

Violations relating to mobile/manufactured homes: RCW 18.27.117.