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29A.72.050  <<  29A.72.060 >>   29A.72.070

RCW 29A.72.060

Ballot title and summary by attorney general.

Within five days after the receipt of an initiative or referendum the attorney general shall formulate the ballot title, or portion of the ballot title that the legislature has not provided, required by RCW 29A.72.050 and a summary of the measure, not to exceed seventy-five words, and transmit the serial number for the measure, complete ballot title, and summary to the secretary of state. Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays are not counted in calculating the time limits in this section.
[2003 c 111 § 1807. Prior: 2000 c 197 § 2; 1993 c 256 § 9; 1982 c 116 § 4; 1973 1st ex.s. c 118 § 2; 1965 c 9 § 29.79.040; prior: 1953 c 242 § 2; 1913 c 138 § 2; RRS § 5398. Formerly RCW 29.79.040.]
Part headings not law2000 c 197: See note following RCW 29A.72.050.
SeverabilityEffective date1993 c 256: See notes following RCW 29A.84.280.
Ballot titles to other state and local measures: RCW 29A.36.020 through 29A.36.090.