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Chapter 29A.72 RCW


RCW Sections

29A.72.010Filing proposed measures with secretary of state.
29A.72.020Review of proposed initiatives -- Certificate required.
29A.72.025Fiscal impact statements.
29A.72.030Time for filing various types.
29A.72.040Numbering -- Transmittal to attorney general.
29A.72.050Ballot title -- Formulation, ballot display.
29A.72.060Ballot title and summary by attorney general.
29A.72.070Ballot title and summary -- Notice.
29A.72.080Ballot title and summary -- Appeal to superior court.
29A.72.090Ballot title and summary -- Mailed to proponents and other persons -- Appearance on petitions.
29A.72.100Petitions -- Paper -- Size -- Contents.
29A.72.110Petitions to legislature -- Form.
29A.72.120Petitions to people -- Form.
29A.72.130Referendum petitions -- Form.
29A.72.140Warning statement -- Further requirements.
29A.72.150Petitions -- Signatures -- Number necessary.
29A.72.160Petitions -- Time for filing.
29A.72.170Petitions -- Acceptance or rejection by secretary of state.
29A.72.180Petitions -- Review of refusal to file.
29A.72.190Petitions -- Appellate review.
29A.72.200Petitions -- Destruction on final refusal.
29A.72.210Petitions -- Consolidation into volumes.
29A.72.230Petitions -- Verification and canvass of signatures, observers -- Statistical sampling -- Initiatives to legislature, certification of.
29A.72.240Count of signatures -- Review.
29A.72.250Initiatives and referenda to the people -- Certificates of sufficiency.
29A.72.260Rejected initiatives to legislature.
29A.72.270Alternatives to initiatives to the legislature.
29A.72.280Concise description for alternative to initiative to the legislature.
29A.72.283Advisory vote on tax legislation -- Short description.
29A.72.285Advisory vote on tax legislation -- Short description filing and transmittal.
29A.72.290Printing ballot titles and short descriptions on ballots -- Separate headings.