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Chapter 19.30 RCW


RCW Sections

19.30.020License required -- Duplicates.
19.30.030Applicants -- Qualifications -- Fee -- Liability insurance -- Farm labor contractor account.
19.30.040Surety bond -- Security.
19.30.045Claim for wages -- Action upon surety bond or security.
19.30.050License -- Grounds for denying.
19.30.060License -- Revocation, suspension, refusal to issue or renew.
19.30.070License -- Contents.
19.30.081License -- Duration -- Renewal.
19.30.090License -- Application for renewal.
19.30.110Farm labor contractor -- Duties.
19.30.120Farm labor contractor -- Prohibited acts.
19.30.130Rules -- Adjustment of controversies.
19.30.160Civil penalty -- Hearing -- Court action.
19.30.170Civil actions -- Damages, costs, attorney's fees -- Actions upon bond or security deposit.
19.30.180Injunctions -- Costs -- Attorney fee.
19.30.190Retaliation against employee prohibited.
19.30.200Unlicensed farm labor contractors -- Liability for services.
19.30.900Severability -- 1955 c 392.
19.30.901Severability -- 1985 c 280.
19.30.902Effective date -- 1985 c 280.