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Chapter 458-20 WAC


WAC Sections

Informal administrative reviews.
Adjudicative proceedingsBrief adjudicative proceedingsCertificate of registration (tax registration endorsement) revocation.
Adjudicative proceedingsFormal adjudicative proceedings—Log export enforcement actions pursuant to chapter 240-15 WACOrders to county officials issued to pursuant to RCW 84.08.120 and 84.41.120Converted brief adjudicative proceedings.
Brief adjudicative proceedings for matters related to suspension, nonrenewal, and nonissuance of licenses to sell spirits.
Brief adjudicative proceedings for matters related to assessments and warrants for unpaid fees issued under chapter 59.30 RCW for manufactured and mobile home communities.
Tax registration and tax reporting.
Reseller permits.
Application process and eligibility requirements for reseller permits.
Brief adjudicative proceedings for matters related to reseller permits.
Resale certificates.
Time and place of sale.
Small business tax relief based on income of business.
Employees distinguished from persons engaging in and operating a business.
Casual or isolated salesBusiness reorganizations.
Requirement to separately state sales taxAdvertised prices including sales tax.
Selling priceCredit card service fees, foreign currency, discounts, patronage dividends.
Finance charges, carrying charges, interest, penalties.
Delivery charges.
Advances and reimbursements.
Value of products.
Ingredients or components, chemicals used in processing new articles for sale.
Sales of packing materials and containers.
Sales and/or use of labels, name plates, tags, premiums, and advertising material.
Sales and/or use of dunnage.
Sale or rental of real estate, license to use real estate.
Sales by caterers and food service contractors.
Sales of ice.
Sales of heat or steamIncluding production by cogeneration.
Restaurants, cocktail bars, taverns and similar businesses.
Special stadium sales and use tax.
Sales of motor vehicle fuel, special fuel, and nonpolluting fuel.
Sales of newspapers, magazines and periodicals.
Real estate brokers and salesmen.
Gasoline service stations.
Gambling activities.
Automobile dealers/demonstrator and executive vehicles.
Frozen food lockers.
Commercial or industrial use.
Extracting natural products.
Timber harvest operations.
Manufacturing, processing for hire, fabricating.
Manufacturers and processors for hireSales and use tax exemptions for machinery and equipment.
Personal services rendered to others.
Trade shopsPrinting plate makers, typesetters, and trade binderies.
Photofinishers and photographers.
Duplicating activities and mailing bureaus.
Photographic equipment and supplies.
Printers and publishers of newspapers, magazines, and periodicals.
Printing industry.
Local sales and use tax.
National and state banks, mutual savings banks, savings and loan associations and other financial institutions.
Financial institutionsIncome apportionment.
Barber and beauty shops.
Optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians.
Dentists, audiologists, and other health care providersDental laboratories and dental technicians.
Funeral establishments.
Cemeteries, crematories, columbaria.
Taxation of computer systems and hardware.
Taxation of computer software.
Digital products.
Abstract, title insurance and escrow businesses.
Florists and nurserymen.
Consignees, bailees, factors, agents and auctioneers.
Agricultural commission agents.
Stockbrokers and security houses.
Insurance companies, including surety companies, fraternal benefit societies, fraternal fire insurance associations, beneficiary corporations or societies and Washington state health insurance pool.
Insurance producers, adjustersTitle insurance agentsSurplus line brokers.
Laundry, dry cleaning, linen and uniform supply, and self-service and coin-operated laundry services.
Hotels, motels, boarding houses, rooming houses, resorts, hostels, trailer camps, and similar lodging businesses.
Educational institutions, school districts, student organizations, and private schools.
Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult family homes and similar health care facilities.
Nonprofit organizations.
Constructing and repairing of new or existing buildings or other structures upon real property.
Government contractingConstruction, installations, or improvements to government real property.
Building, repairing or improving streets, roads, etc., which are owned by a municipal corporation or political subdivision of the state or by the United States and which are used primarily for foot or vehicular traffic.
Clearing land, moving earth, cleaning, fumigating, razing or moving existing buildings, and janitorial services.
Installing, cleaning, repairing or otherwise altering or improving personal property of consumers.
Sales of motor vehicles, trailers, and parts to motor carriers operating in interstate or foreign commerce.
Use tax liability for motor vehicles, trailers, and parts used by motor carriers operating in interstate or foreign commerce.
Persons engaged in the business of operating as a private or common carrier by air, rail or water in interstate or foreign commerce.
Commercial deep sea fishingCommercial passenger fishingDiesel fuel.
Sales of motor vehicles, campers, and trailers to nonresident consumers.
Use tax and the use of tangible personal property.
Collection of use tax by county auditors and department of licensingMeasure of tax.
Use tax on promotional material.
Public utility tax.
Brokered natural gasUse tax.
Motor carriers.
Vessels, including log patrols, tugs and barges, operating upon waters in the state of Washington.
Warehouse businesses.
Amusement, recreation, and physical fitness services.
Tax on tobacco products.
Tax on cigarettes.
Tax responsibility of vending machine owners and operators.
Medical substances, devices, and supplies for humansDrugs prescribed for human useMedically prescribed oxygenProsthetic devicesMobility enhancing equipmentDurable medical equipment.
Sales to and by the state of Washington and municipal corporations, including counties, cities, towns, school districts, and fire districts.
Sales to and by the United States and certain entities created by the United StatesDoing business on federal reservationsSales to foreign governments.
IndiansIndian country.
Interstate sales of tangible personal property.
Multiple activities tax credits.
Imports and exportsSales of goods from or to persons in foreign countries.
Transportation, communication, public utility activities, or other services in interstate or foreign commerce.
Doing business inside and outside the state.
Minimum nexus thresholds for apportionable activities and selling activities.
Single factor receipts apportionmentGenerally.
Apportionable royalty receipts attribution.
Financial institutionsIncome apportionment.
Financial institutionsIncome apportionment.
Taxes, deductibility.
Bad debts.
When tax liability arises.
Installment sales, method of reporting.
Accounting methods.
Leased departments.
Interdepartmental charges.
Pool purchases.
Corporations, Massachusetts trusts.
Outdoor advertising and advertising display services.
Sales of utility services by building companies.
Legal, arbitration, and mediation services.
Exemptions for wholesale sales of new motor vehicles between new car dealers and for accommodation sales.
Farming for hire and horticultural services performed for farmers.
Sales of tangible personal property for farmingSales of agricultural products by farmers.
Leases or rentals of tangible personal property, bailments.
Cooperative marketing associations and independent dealers acting as agents of others with respect to the sale of fruit and produce.
Successors, quitting business.
Lien for taxes.
Enhanced collection tools.
Advertising agencies.
Collection of use tax by retailers and selling agents.
Persons performing contracts on the basis of time and material, or cost-plus-fixed-fee.
Service and other business activities.
Landscape and horticultural services.
Subscriber television services.
Returns, payments, penalties, extensions, interest, stays of collection.
Tax reporting frequency.
Electronic filing and payment.
Statutory limitations on assessments.
Tax liability of medical and hospital service bureaus and associations and similar health care organizations.
Effect of rate changes on prior contracts and sales agreements.
Baseball clubs and other sport organizations.
Sales of watercraft to nonresidentsUse of watercraft in Washington by nonresidents.
Sales to nonresidents of farm machinery or implements, and related services.
Manufacturer's new employee tax creditsApplications filed after June 30, 2010.
Sales and use tax deferralManufacturing and research/development activities in high unemployment countiesApplications filed after June 30, 2010.
Sales and use tax deferralManufacturing and research/development activities in rural countiesApplications filed prior to July 1, 2010.
Tax incentives for high technology businesses.
Manufacturer's new employee tax creditsApplications filed prior to July 1, 2010.
Radio and television broadcasting.
Pollution control exemption and/or credits for single purpose facilities added to existing production plants to meet pollution control requirements and which are separately identifiable equipment principally for pollution control.
Pollution control exemption and/or credits for dual purpose facilities which are constructed to meet pollution control requirements and which achieve pollution control in the process of production of the plant's products.
Litter tax.
Food and food ingredients.
Taxation of competitive telephone service, telecommunications service, and ancillary service.
Sales to or through a direct seller's representative.
Trade-ins, selling price, sellers' tax measures.
Sales of precious metal bullion and monetized bullion.
Artistic or cultural organizations.
Solid waste collection tax.
Sewerage collection and other related activities.
Hazardous substance tax.
Carbonated beverage syrup tax.
Trade shows, conventions and seminars.
Tangible personal property warranties and service contracts.
Travel agents and tour operators.
Oil spill response and administration tax.
Commute trip reduction incentives.
Retail sales and use tax exemptions for agricultural employee housing.
Exemptions from retail sales and use taxes for qualifying electric generating and thermal heat producing systems using renewable energy sources.
National Uniform Tobacco Settlement.
Sales and use tax exemptionAirplane maintenance repair stations.
Annual reports for certain tax preferences.
Annual surveys for certain tax preferences.
Waiver of public disclosure of certain new tax preferences.
Telephone program excise tax rates.
Tire feeStudded tire feeCore deposits or credits.
Renewable energy system cost recovery.
Staffing services.
Certified service providersCompensation.
Model 2 volunteer sellersCompensation.
Taxpayer relief—Sourcing complianceOne thousand dollar credit and certified service provider compensation for small businesses.
Returned goods, defective goodsMotor vehicle lemon law.
Clean alternative fuel vehicles and high gas mileage vehicles.
Construction joint ventures and similar arrangements described in RCW 82.32.655 (3)(a).
Disguised income arrangements described in RCW 82.32.655 (3)(b).
Sales and use tax avoidance arrangements described in RCW 82.32.655 (3)(c).
Petroleum product tax.
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