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Last Update: 11/3/15

Title 458 WAC



Consolidated licensing system.
Valuation and revaluation of real property.
Accreditation of real property appraisers.
Property tax divisionRules for assessors.
County boards of equalization.
Historic property.
Property taxExemptions.
Property taxExemptionsHomes for the aging, senior citizens and disabled persons.
Assessment and taxation of ships and vessels.
Property taxAbatements, credits, deferrals and refunds.
Limited income deferral program.
Property tax levies, rates, and limits.
Excise tax rules.
Taxation of financial businesses by cities or towns.
Leasehold excise tax.
Open Space Taxation Act rules.
Taxation of forest land and timber.
Intercounty utilities and transportation companiesAssessment and taxation.
Property tax annual ratio study.
State of Washington Estate and Transfer Tax Reform Act rules.
Real estate excise tax.
Access to public records.