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Last Update: 3/10/15

Chapter 458-16 WAC


WAC Sections

Improvements to single family dwellings—Definitions—Exemption—Limitation—Appeal rights.
Property tax exemptions, generally, rules of construction.
Property belonging to federally recognized Indian tribes—Definitions—Exemption—Declaration process—Appeal rights.
Applications—Who must file, initial applications, annual declarations, appeals, filing fees, penalties, and refunds.
Personal property exemptions for household goods, furnishings, and personal effects, and for the head of a family.
Change in taxable status of real property.
Cessation of use—Taxes collectible for prior years.
Conditions under which nonprofit organizations, associations, or corporations may obtain a property tax exemption.
Public burying grounds or cemeteries.
Churches, parsonages and convents.
Land upon which a church or parsonage shall be built.
Nonprofit organizations or associations organized and conducted for nonsectarian purposes.
Nonprofit organizations that solicit, collect, and distribute gifts, donations, or grants.
Church camps.
Character building organizations.
Veterans organizations.
Student loan agencies.
Nonprofit child day care centers, libraries, orphanages, homes for sick or infirm, hospitals, outpatient dialysis facilities.
Schools and colleges.
Art, scientific, and historical collections.
Musical, dance, artistic, dramatic and literary associations.
Fire companies.
Humane societies.
Nature conservancy lands.
Public meeting hall—Public meeting place—Community meeting hall.
Community celebration facilities.
Emergency or transitional housing.
Sheltered workshops for the handicapped.
Housing for very low-income households.