Chapter 392-343 WAC

Last Update: 3/31/14


WAC Sections

Waiver of rules to facilitate alternative public works contracting procedures.
State board policy.
Rules determining eligibility and timing of state funding assistance.
DefinitionSchool facilities.
DefinitionPortable facility.
DefinitionInstructional space.
Related factors and formula for determining amount of state funding assistance.
Emerging high school district eligibility.
State funding assistance percentageGeneral.
Applicable state funding assistance percentage for project.
Growth impact fees and mitigation payments.
Space allocations.
Square foot area analysis.
Space allocationsEnrollment projection provisions.
Space allocationsComputing building capacity.
State moneys for studies and surveys.
Implementation of priority approval process.
Funding during the period of a priority approval process order by the superintendent of public instruction.
Additional funding during a period of a priority approval process.
Funding for specifically appropriated projects during a period of a priority approval process.
State funding assistanceDeferred payment.
Application of priority system to projects with and without preliminary funding status.
Determining the construction cost allocation.
Annual review of actual construction costs of school projects.
Educational specifications.
Architectural and engineering services.
Energy conservation report.
Value engineering studies, constructability reviews, and building commissioningRequirements and definition.
Construction cost savingsSharing incentive.
Support levelFurniture and equipment allowances.
Special inspections and testing.
Construction management.
Support levelFederal moneys.
Support levelAdditional state funding assistance.
Costs to be financed entirely with school district funds.
Unforeseen costs.
Instructional space inventory of school facilitiesEligibility.
Removal from instructional space inventoryDemolition.
Removal from instructional space inventorySale or long-term lease of building.
Removal from instructional space inventoryConversion.
Removal from instructional space inventoryReplacement.
State funding assistancePriorities after June 30, 1992.
State funding assistanceCommon priority elements.
State funding assistanceNew construction for growth priority factors.
Modernization or new-in-lieu of modernization priority elements.
State funding assistancePriorities for co-ops.
Type of school spaceDetermination.
Existing building conditionEvaluation.
Emergency repair grant applications—Definitions—"Emergency repair," "imminent health and safety hazards," and "local funding."
Emergency repair grant applicationsContents of applications.
Emergency repair grant applicationsThe superintendent of public instruction approval/disapproval.
Emergency repair grant applicationsRepayment conditions.