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Title 392 WAC



Definitions, general provisions, and rules of construction.
Superintendent of public instructionAdministrative practices and procedures.
Superintendent of public instructionAccess to public records.
Educational service districtsElection of board members.
State board of educationElection of members.
FinanceAudit resolution process.
Timely reporting.
FinanceUniversity of Washington transition school and early entrance program allocations.
FinanceGeneral apportionment.
FinanceCategorical apportionment.
FinanceSchool district budgeting.
FinanceNational Guard youth challenge apportionment.
FinanceEducational service district budgeting.
FinanceCertificated instructional staff ratio (46:1000) compliance.
FinanceEmergency school closure.
FinanceNonhigh participatory financeIncluding transfer of M and O levy authority from high to nonhigh districts.
FinanceApportionment for part-time public school attendance.
FinanceInterdistrict cooperation programs.
FinanceConversion of accumulated sick leave.
FinanceNonresident attendance.
FinanceAssociated student body moneys.
FinanceMaintenance and operation levies.
FinanceSpecial allocations.
TransportationState allocation for operations.
TransportationReplacement and depreciation allocation.
TransportationSpecifications for school buses.
School bus driver qualifications.
TransportationOperation rules.
Traffic safetySchool safety patrol.
Traffic safetyDriver education.
Child nutritionPractices and procedures.
Special service programTransitional bilingual.
Special service programLearning assistance.
Special services programChapter 1 Migrant of the Education Consolidation and Improvement Act of 1981, financial assistance to state educational agencies.
Special service programsCitizen complaint procedure for certain categorical federal programs.
Special service programsRunning start program.
Special service programHighly capable students.
Rules for the provision of special education.
Special education programsDSHS students.
StudentHealth records.
Loss of eligibilityStudent athletic participation.
Reentry to common schoolsEducational clinic and other students.
Certified educational clinicsDistribution of state funds.
Equal educational opportunityUnlawful discrimination prohibited.
School personnelEvaluation of the professional performance capabilities.
Professional growth and evaluation of school personnel.
Professional development programs.
School personnel certificate fees.
School personnelIn-service training program.
School personnelTeacher assistance program.
TrainingSchool employeesHIV/AIDS.
School personnelExcellence in education awards.
Library media centers.
Student testing and evaluationWashington state honors award program.
Fingerprint record checksAccess to recordsPrivacy.
School personnelAdministrator internship program.
State magnet school program.
PupilsUniform entry qualifications.
School district organization.
State assistance in providing school plant facilitiesPreliminary provisions.
State assistance in providing school plant facilitiesEducational specifications and site selection.
State funding assistance in providing school plant facilitiesBasic state support.
State assistance in providing school plant facilitiesProcedural regulations.
State funding assistance in providing school plant facilitiesInterdistrict cooperation in financing school plant construction.
State funding assistance in providing school plant facilitiesInterdistrict transportation cooperatives.
State funding assistance in providing school plant facilitiesModernization.
Secondary education.
Small school plants.
Public school pupilsImmunization requirement and life-threatening health condition.
Courses of study and equivalencies.
Secondary educationStandardized high school transcript.
Pupil testing and recordkeepingRequirementsParents' rights.
Academic achievement, accountability and assessment.
Online learningApproval of multidistrict online providers.
Washington state skill center rules.
Dropout reengagement.
College in the high school rules.
State-tribal education compact schools.
Pilot grant programs.
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