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The purpose of this chapter is to set forth policies and procedures for the administration of and to ensure district compliance with state requirements for a program designed to assist underachieving students enrolled in grades kindergarten through twelve who score below standard in English language arts and mathematics for his or her grade level.
The learning assistance program requirements in this chapter are designed to:
(1) Guide school districts in addressing the needs of students in grades kindergarten through four who are deficient in reading or reading readiness skills to improve reading literacy;
(2) Promote the use of data when developing programs to assist underachieving students and reduce disruptive behaviors in the classroom;
(3) Guide school districts in providing the most effective and efficient practices when implementing supplemental instruction and services to assist underachieving students and reduce disruptive behaviors in the classroom; and
(4) Guide school districts in providing extended learning opportunities to assist underachieving students, students identified in eighth grade in need of high school transition services which could continue up through the end of ninth grade, and students in grades eleven and twelve who are at risk of not meeting state and local graduation requirements.
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