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Special education safety netAdjustments to special education safety net awards.

Final safety net awards shall be adjusted based on:
(1) The percent of potential medicaid eligible students billed. Potential medicaid revenue will be estimated by the office of the superintendent of public instruction based on the applicant's percent of medicaid eligible students billed and the statewide average payment per student as determined in July of the school year for which the applicant is requesting safety net awards. The office of the superintendent of public instruction shall provide Form SPI 1679 for district and charter school reporting of medicaid eligible students and shall update the district's or charter school's special education medicaid eligibility count and finalize the count for the year based upon the applicant's most recent submission of Form SPI 1679; and
(2) Changes in factors for which additional or revised information becomes available after the awarding of the initial safety net award.
(a) High need awards and/or community impact awards will be reduced or nullified when the applicant's available revenues and legitimate expenditures for the school year differ significantly from the estimates on which the initial safety net award was based.
(b) An applicant's safety net award may be recovered or adjusted based on the results of the review conducted by the state auditor's office pursuant to WAC 392-140-630.
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