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357-31-320  <<  357-31-325 >>   357-31-326

Must an employer grant leave with pay for other miscellaneous reasons such as to take a state examination?

Leave with pay must be granted to an employee:
(1) To allow an employee to receive assessment from the employee assistance program.
(2) When an employee is scheduled to take an examination or participate in an interview for a position with a state employer during scheduled work hours.
(a) Employers may limit the number of occurrences or the total amount of paid leave that will be granted to an employee to participate in an interview or take an examination during scheduled work hours.
(b) Employers may deny an employee's request to participate in an interview or take an examination during scheduled work hours based upon operational necessity.
(3) When an employee is required to appear during working hours for a physical examination to determine physical fitness for military service.
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