WAC 308-88-020

Agency filings affecting this section

Application and registration of rental vehicle businesses.

(1) What is required to become a rental vehicle business?
(a) Applicants must apply for a rental vehicle business license by submitting a completed master business application to the department of licensing's master license service.
(b) A separate master business application must be filed for each place of business operated as a rental vehicle business. For the purposes of this section, "place of business" means a physical location at which arrangements to rent a rental vehicle may be made.
(c) Businesses operating in the form of a corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, or similar form of legal entity must register their legal entity through the office of the secretary of state before applying for a rental vehicle business license.
(2) What will I receive as proof that I qualified as a vehicle rental business? A rental vehicle business registration number will be issued to your business and displayed on the master license.
(3) Can I transfer my business registration number to another company? No. The rental vehicle business registration number issued through the master license service is not assignable or transferable, and is valid only for the rental vehicle business to which the registration number (R-number) was issued.
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