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Last Update: 10/8/13

Chapter 308-330 WAC


WAC Sections

Purpose of this chapter.
Amendments to this chapter automatically included.
Uniformity in application.
Chapter 46.04 RCW (Definitions) adopted by reference.
Bus stop.
Loading zone.
Official time standard.
Parking meter.
Parking meter space.
Parking meter zone.
Passenger loading zone.
Planting strip.
Police or police officer.
Police chief or chief of police.
Police department.
School bus zone.
Service parking.
Taxicab stand.
Tow truck operator.
Traffic division.
RCW sections adopted—Livestock.
RCW sections adopted—Off-road and nonhighway vehicles.
RCW sections adopted—Snowmobiles.
Public employees to obey traffic regulations.
Police administration.
Duty of traffic division.
Authority of police and fire department officials.
Records of traffic violations.
Traffic division to investigate accidents.
Traffic accident studies.
Traffic accident reports.
Traffic division to submit annual traffic safety report.
Police department to administer bicycle licenses.
Police department to regulate parking meters.
Traffic engineer.
Traffic engineer—Authority.
Local authority—Authority.
Traffic safety commission—Powers and duties.
RCW sections adopted—Certificates of ownership and registrations.
RCW sections adopted—Vehicle licenses.
RCW sections adopted—Driver licenses and identicards.
RCW sections adopted—Uniform Commercial Driver's License Act.
RCW sections adopted—Financial responsibility.
RCW sections adopted—Mandatory liability insurance.
RCW sections adopted—Vehicle inspection.
RCW sections adopted—Vehicle lighting and other equipment.
RCW sections adopted—Size, weight, load.
RCW sections adopted—Transportation of hazardous materials.
RCW sections adopted—Accidents, reports.
RCW sections adopted—Hulk haulers and scrap processors.
RCW sections adopted—Motor vehicle wreckers.
Owner of record presumed liable for costs when vehicle abandoned—Exception.
Contract with registered disposer to dispose of vehicles and hulks—Compliance required.
Stolen and abandoned vehicles—Reports of—Recovery, report required, penalty—Disposition.
Provisions of chapter refer to vehicles upon highway—Exception.
Required obedience to traffic ordinance.
RCW sections adopted—Abandoned, unauthorized, and junk vehicle tow truck operators.
RCW sections adopted—Traffic laws, signs, signals, markings.
Traffic control devices required—Stopping, standing, and parking.
Crossing new pavement and markings.
RCW sections adopted—Right of way.
RCW sections adopted—Turning, starting and stopping.
RCW sections adopted—Speed restrictions.
RCW sections adopted—Reckless driving, negligent driving, vehicular homicide and assault.
Obedience to angle-parking signs or markings.
Parking not to obstruct traffic.
Parking for certain purposes unlawful.
Standing in passenger loading zone.
Standing in loading zone.
Standing in a tow-away zone.
Violating permits for loading or unloading at an angle to the curb.
Standing or parking on one-way roadways.
Stopping, standing, and parking of buses and taxicabs regulated.
Restricted use of bus stops and taxicab stands.
Right of way for parking.
RCW sections adopted—Stopping, standing, and parking.
RCW sections adopted—Operation and restrictions.
Funeral processions.
When permits required for parades and processions.
Interfering with processions.
Boarding or alighting from vehicles.
Unlawful riding.
RCW sections adopted—Operation of nonmotorized vehicles.
Bicycle license required.
Bicycle license application.
Issuance of bicycle license.
Attachment of bicycle license plate or decal.
Inspection of bicycles.
Renewal of bicycle license.
Bicycle transfer of ownership.
Bicycle rental agencies.
Bicycle dealers.
Bicycles—Obedience to traffic control devices.
Bicycles—Riding on sidewalks.
Unclaimed bicycles.
Parking meter spaces.
Parking meters—Deposit of coins and time limits.
Parking meters—Use of slugs prohibited.
Tampering with parking meter.
Parking meters—Rule of evidence.
Parking meters—Application of proceeds.
Service parking.
RCW sections adopted—Disposition of traffic infractions.
RCW sections adopted—Enforcement.
Citation on illegally parked vehicle.
Failure to comply with traffic citation attached to parked vehicle.
Presumption in reference to illegal parking.
RCW sections adopted—Traffic control devices.
RCW sections adopted—Limited access facilities.
RCW sections adopted—Alcoholic beverage control.
RCW sections adopted—Guide and service dogs.
RCW sections adopted—Littering.
Uniformity of interpretation.