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Size and form of notary seal or stamp.

A notary seal shall be one and five-eighths inches minimum in diameter. If a notary stamp is used the following requirements shall apply:
(1) The type shall be a minimum of 8 point type.
(2) The stamp shall be minimum one and five-eighths inches in diameter. If a rectangular stamp is used the minimum dimensions shall be one inch wide by one and five-eighths inches long.
(3) The imprint shall be affixed with indelible ink only.
(4) The face of any notary stamp shall contain permanently affixed letters and numerals and shall not be preprinted.
(5) The use of the Washington state seal on the notary stamp or seal is prohibited.
(6) A vendor may not provide a notarial seal, or stamp, either inking or embossing, to a person claiming to be a notary, unless the person presents a photo copy of the person's Notary Certificate.
(7) A notary applying for a seal or stamp as a result of a name change shall present a copy to the vendor of the certificate evidencing the notary's name change from the director.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 42.44.190. WSR 93-05-009, § 308-30-010, filed 2/5/93, effective 3/8/93. Statutory Authority: 1985 c 156 §§ 5 and 20. WSR 85-24-025 (Order PL 571), § 308-30-010, filed 11/26/85, effective 1/1/86.]
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