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Accident prevention program.

(1) Exemptions. Workers of employers whose primary business is other than construction, who are engaged solely in maintenance and repair work, including painting and decorating, are exempt from the requirement of this section provided:
(a) The maintenance and repair work, including painting and decorating, is being performed on the employer's premises, or facility.
(b) The length of the project does not exceed one week.
(c) The employer is in compliance with the requirements of WAC 296-800-140 Accident prevention program, and WAC 296-800-130, Safety committees and safety meetings.
(2) Each employer shall develop a formal accident-prevention program, tailored to the needs of the particular plant or operation and to the type of hazard involved. The department may be contacted for assistance in developing appropriate programs.
(3) The following are the minimal program elements for all employers:
A safety orientation program describing the employer's safety program and including:
(a) How, where, and when to report injuries, including instruction as to the location of first-aid facilities.
(b) How to report unsafe conditions and practices.
(c) The use and care of required personal protective equipment.
(d) The proper actions to take in event of emergencies including the routes of exiting from areas during emergencies.
(e) Identification of the hazardous gases, chemicals, or materials involved along with the instructions on the safe use and emergency action following accidental exposure.
(f) A description of the employer's total safety program.
(g) An on-the-job review of the practices necessary to perform the initial job assignments in a safe manner.
(4) Each accident-prevention program shall be outlined in written format.
(5) Every employer shall conduct crew leader-crew safety meetings as follows:
(a) Crew leader-crew safety meetings shall be held at the beginning of each job, and at least weekly thereafter.
(b) Crew leader-crew meetings shall be tailored to the particular operation.
(6) Crew leader-crew safety meetings shall address the following:
(a) A review of any walk-around safety inspection conducted since the last safety meeting.
(b) A review of any citation to assist in correction of hazards.
(c) An evaluation of any accident investigations conducted since the last meeting to determine if the cause of the unsafe acts or unsafe conditions involved were properly identified and corrected.
(d) Attendance shall be documented.
(e) Subjects discussed shall be documented.
Subcontractors and their employees may, with the permission of the general contractor, elect to fulfill the requirements of subsection (5)(a) and (b) of this section by attending the prime contractors crew leader-crew safety meeting. Any of the requirements of subsections (6)(a), (b), (c), and (7) of this section not satisfied by the prime contractors safety meetings shall be the responsibility of the individual employers.
(7) Minutes of each crew leader-crew meeting shall be prepared and a copy shall be maintained at the location where the majority of the employees of each construction site report for work each day.
(8) Minutes of crew leader-crew safety meetings shall be retained by the employer for at least one year and shall be made available for review by personnel of the department, upon request.
(9) Every employer shall conduct walk-around safety inspections as follows:
(a) At the beginning of each job, and at least weekly thereafter, a walk-around safety inspection shall be conducted jointly by one member of management and one employee, elected by the employees, as their authorized representative.
(b) The employer shall document walk-around safety inspections and such documentation shall be available for inspection by personnel of the department.
(c) Records of walk-around inspections shall be maintained by the employer until the completion of the job.
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