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Evaluating experience data.

In determining the credibility and appropriateness of experience data, due consideration shall be given to all relevant factors including:
(1) Statistical credibility of premiums and benefits such as low exposure or low loss frequency;
(2) Past and projected trends relative to the kind of coverage, such as inflation in medical expenses, economic cycles affecting disability income experience, inflation in expense charges and others;
(3) The concentration of experience at early policy durations where select morbidity and preliminary term reserves are applicable and where loss ratios are expected to be substantially higher or lower than in later policy durations;
(4) The mix of business by risk classification;
(5) The expected lapses and antiselection at the time of rate increases.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060. WSR 83-14-002 (Order R 83-1), § 284-60-080, filed 6/23/83, effective 9/1/83.]