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Licensure by endorsement—Applicants from approved schools.

(1) Before licensure by endorsement is extended to any individual licensed to practice physical therapy under the law of another state, territory, or District of Columbia, the applicant shall have graduated from a board approved school, shall have taken the examination for physical therapy and shall have achieved a passing score approved by the board.
(2) If the decision to extend licensure by endorsement is based on an examination other than the examination approved in WAC 246-915-030(1), the board shall determine if such examination is equivalent to that required by the laws of this state.
(3) The board shall not recommend to the secretary that a person be licensed as a physical therapist under the licensure by endorsement provisions of RCW 18.74.060, unless said applicant shall have taken and passed the examination approved by the board, or other examination equivalent to that required by the laws of this state.
(4) If a licensee has not worked in physical therapy in the last three years, the applicant may be granted licensure by endorsement under the following conditions:
(a) The board may require reexamination of an applicant who has not been actively engaged in lawful practice in another state or territory; or
(b) Waive reexamination in favor of evidence of continuing competency satisfactory to the board.
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