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Last Update: 6/29/15

Chapter 246-915 WAC


WAC Sections

Physical therapist and physical therapist assistant examinations.
Licensure by endorsement—Applicants from approved schools.
Application due date.
Temporary permits—Issuance and duration.
Interim permits.
Continuing competency.
Suicide assessment training standards.
Approved physical therapy schools.
Approved physical therapist assistant schools.
AIDS education and training.
Physical therapist applicants from unapproved schools.
Initial evaluation—Referral—Nonreferral—Recommendations—Follow-up.
Personnel identification.
Professional conduct principles.
Unprofessional conduct—Sexual misconduct.
Standards for appropriateness of physical therapy care.
Use of telehealth in the practice of physical therapy.
Division of fees—Rebating—Financial interest—Endorsement.
Physical therapy records.
Mandatory reporting—General provisions.
Mandatory reporting—Physical therapists.
Health care institutions and home health agencies—Mandatory reporting.
Physical therapy associations or societies—Mandatory reporting.
Health care service contractors and disability insurance carriers—Mandatory reporting.
Professional liability carriers—Mandatory reporting.
Courts—Mandatory reporting.
State and federal agencies—Mandatory reporting.
Philosophy governing voluntary substance abuse monitoring programs.
Terms used in WAC 246-915-300 through 246-915-330.
Approval of substance abuse monitoring programs.
Participation in approved substance abuse monitoring program.
Adjudicative proceedings.
Inactive credential.
Sharp debridement education and training.
Electroneuromyographic examinations education and training.
Spinal manipulationEndorsement. (Effective July 1, 2015, until June 30, 2020.)
Spinal manipulationEndorsement. (Effective July 1, 2020.)
Spinal manipulationClinical supervisor. (Effective July 1, 2015, until June 30, 2020.)
Physical therapy fees and renewal cycle.
Physical therapist assistant fees and renewal cycle.